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How to Use E-junkie: Blocking Buyers by Location

When running a business there could be many reason why you do not want to, or cannot, sell to certain areas. Trade agreements, or restrictions, may make selling to certain countries illegal, or cost prohibitive. Maybe you are in the EU and your products are useless to people outside the EU and want to prevent the headache of having to deal with refunds for anyone who decided to purchase the product from somewhere else only to find out it will not work for them.

So how do you make sure that’s only people in certain parts of the world can purchase your product?
Luckily with E-junkie it is possible to keep people from purchasing from you unless they are in specific countries and it is really easy to setup.

Start by clicking on the Shipping Calculations option on the Seller Admin page:

In the Shipping Origin field, enter in your country and if you are in the United States enter in your ZIP Code. Then add a check-mark to the box for Limit Shipping Destinations:

Finally, in the large field that loads, select the countries you can/will sell to. If you are selecting more than one country, make sure to hold down the Ctrl key if you use Windows, or the Command (Apple) key if you use a Mac.

After that just click the Apply button to save the new settings and you are good to go. This will work for digital products as well.

Do you have questions about how to do something in E-junkie? If so, you can email our support staff at anytime right here and they will be happy to assist you.