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Keeping Your Business Up To Date

Here at E-junkie we know the importance of having to move forward, and make changes when the need arises.  And while sometimes changes are made on the back end of a business that may not be noticeable to the public, changes have been made.

I mention this for two reasons, one, we just made a major change on our back end, and two this is something to keep in mind for your business.

A recent change a lot of brick and mortar businesses have to deal with is the use of the EMV standard, the chips in credit cards, as a way of taking payment.

The change you may need to make may be related to your distributors, your web-host, or even the coding used for your website.  You may need to troubleshoot your business before making any changes, and it is very possible there is nothing that needs to be changed, but do not shy away form making those changes if one seems needed.

For E-junkie, our recent change was to move our server.  We were using a server company here in Tucson to host our server.  However, this would sometimes result in down time for us if they had a problem at their location.  Our server will now be hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS).  This migration will eliminate technical and performance limitations of our legacy co-located hosting provisions and related hardware, bringing the top-notch performance, responsiveness, security and reliability of the Amazon cloud to benefit E-junkie's services.

Don't be afraid to make changes to your business, sometimes it is exactly what you need to do.