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4 Things Every Customer Should Know About Mobile App Development

Developing a custom mobile app is a very wise decision for every business owner as it can help push your company forward. Specialized applications are loved by every mobile user, and you should remember that the number of people who choose mobile gadgets over PCs grows with every year. Today, an average smartphone owner spends over an hour a day using their phone, and most of this time is dedicated to some various applications.

You also need to consider the power of using a custom app icon for branding. Simply seeing an attractive logo every time, they look at the mobile screen would help remind the customers about your business. However, you’ll be able to utilize the full marketing power of a mobile app only if the program you offer is top quality.

Things You Need to Know and Do Before Ordering a Mobile App

Sketch a custom design pattern for your app

In order to get the product that will meet your exact needs, you must give the developer extremely detailed instructions. This must always start with the design of your app. To get inspiration, you can research other applications you like as well as those from your competitors.

Sketch the interface that you want to have on paper or by using a specialized program. Then, contact an experienced service and they will create the code necessary to bring your design to life. In order to do this, they use a variety of services based on various programming languages, like HTML5, Python, JavaScript, Swift, PHP, etc. Each has advantages, for example, Python Web Development is highly flexible as it has a framework for nearly anything. Swift is designed by Apple and would be perfect for iOS apps.

Choose between a hosted and packaged app

A hosted app delivers the user access to the app itself, but only after they send the demand to the app server. A packaged app delivers all its content directly onto the user’s mobile device. You should consult your developer on which would be best considering your target audience.

Hosted apps are more efficient in some ways, but they may not perform well if the speed of the users’ internet connection is low. Therefore, assessing your customers’ tech preferences is essential.

Design an app that will adapt to multiple devices

As a non-professional it will be difficult for you to understand the intricacies of code used to adjust every ‘part’ of the application to the device. However, you must understand that there are thousands of different mobile devices and your main goal is to make your app will work equally well on any of them.

Make sure your developer tests the application thoroughly to verify it can effectively adjust to the differences in screen resolution, connectivity, OS, network bandwidth, storage space, etc. The program must recognize the device it’s installed on and elf-adjust itself to ensure maximum functionality for every user.

Incorporate the use of touch and gestures technology

Another factor that customers often overlook when ordering custom app development is the way the touch technology would be integrated into their program. Nowadays, efficient gesture combinations are one of the main attractions of mobile apps. You can use them to enhance the user experience as well as make your app more intuitive. Talk to your developer about how you can create a highly responsive program that will ‘predict’ the user’s wishes.

Stay in Touch with Your App Development Service to Get the Best Product

There is a multitude of technicalities involved in making a mobile application. However, you don’t have to delve deep into understanding the workings of CSS, HTML5, jQuery, and code in general to get an excellent product. What you really need to do is to find a reliable developer and provide them with a detailed brief that will outline your exact needs. Be sure to stay in touch with them and discuss the best ways to achieve your ultimate goals.

Melissa Burns is an entrepreneur with six years of experience in marketing and SEO. Burns began her career as an independent journalist, right after graduating from Iowa State University in 2008. Her favorite fields of research are startups, marketing, and IT--in particular, IT implementation in the sphere of education.