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No Longer a Blast From the Past

Let's face it, the E-junkie website looked like an artifact from the Wayback Machine. It was awesome for 2005, not so much for 2015. So we finally did something about it! We've relaunched our site and Admin panel with a slick, responsive interface and renewed our commitment to support you, our community of sellers.

Our goal is to be e-commerce for the makers of the world: from musicians to writers, app developers to artists, inventors to artisans, and everyone in between. Whether you are just a hobbyist on the side or bootstrapping a new business, you can rely on e-junkie to be easy, fast, bloat-free and customizable. As we continue to make improvements and add new features to our embeddable shopping cart, we will always be guided by these principles.

Twelve years ago, E-junkie was created so our founder would not have to get up in the middle of the night to send out his own digital product. A year later we provided a cart to just a small number of users and we created a website to serve those users. It has changed a bit over the years.

Now comes our biggest change yet, and unlike our other changes, this one is not only skin-deep. The new E-junkie Admin is built in DHTML (HTML+CSS+JavaScript). This means that it will work equally well on your computer and mobile device. We know our merchants are using iPads, iPhones, and Android devices more and more to handle their online business, and now we can better serve them.

We have also moved the blog over to, so all of our online business building resources can be seen in one place. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to see our latest tips, tutorials, news and infographics as soon as they go live.