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Sell Gift Certificates and Coupons Online!

It's a good time to be able to work from home or run your business online. However, if some or all of your business is in offline retail or with physical goods that are difficult to deliver or provide while everyone hunkers down to stay isolated, you can still make sales online by selling gift coupons or gift certificates!

Once you set up your gift certificate/coupon product(s) in your E-junkie Dashboard, we provide ready-made purchase button HTML codes you can simply copy and paste into your site, or a Text Link for purchase that you can copy and paste into an email newsletter, or share on social media like Facebook, or anywhere else you can paste or share a link.

Selling gift certificates for your real-world business

If you have a real-world retail shop, a restaurant or bar, or any kind of physical business where buyers will redeem your gift certificates in person, the setup process is very simple. Just add a product to your E-junkie account and set its price, and then you have a few easy options to consider about how to verify each certificate when redeeming them in person.

A very quick and easy method is to use the unique Transaction ID assigned to every order to validate the certificate. This is information that will be provided to you and the buyer as part of the normal purchase process, and you can easily write out a special message with the template tag [%txn_id%] wherever you want that ID to be inserted in a printable email or page—e.g., like so:

Thanks for your order! To redeem this certificate, please print this message and show the code [%txn_id%] to your cashier.

If the Transaction ID looks a bit too long and complex to be practical, you can provide a list of shorter codes to issue for your product with our Send Stored Codes feature, and use the template tag [%codes%] to insert the buyer's code in your message. You can even upload a special image which buyers can print out and write their code or transaction ID on it.

Later, when online buyers come into your shop with their printed emails/certificates, you can just check them against you rown a list of transactions/codes for verification.

Selling gift coupons for your online business

For online redemption you can sell Gift Coupons. These are slightly different from certificates that can have their remaining value tracked. Gift coupons are single-use discount codes good for the full price of an order, or even just a set amount to be deducted from a larger order. If the value of the coupon exceeds the buyer's order total, they can still use it, but any remaining coupon value would be forfeit.

The first step is to create a series of one-use discount codes in your E-junkie account. Keep that list of codes handy and paste it as the Stored Codes within a new product with its own special price. We'll deliver one of these codes to each buyer, which they can then pass on to a friend or use for themselves later for an online purchase.

To redeem one of these gift coupon codes online, buyers would simply click the Promo Code button in your E-junkie shopping cart and type or paste their coupon code in the space provided there.

You can find detailed instructions for all of these methods at our help page here. Good luck and happy selling!