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Setting Flat Rate Shipping for a Number of Items

When you setup your shipping, it often makes sense (and can encourage sales) to set your shipping to a flat rate. In order to make this economical, you may want to put a limit on that. For instance, you could offer a flat rate shipping cost for orders that include up to five products or for up to orders that total $50.

This is something that E-junkie has been able to do for a while, but with the new E-junkie interface there have been some changes.

Start by clicking on the Shipping Calculation link on the right side of the Seller Admin page. Once the page comes up, scroll down to the shipping rules section. Your screen will look like this:

The next thing you will want to do is set the Calculation Method drop down menu to “Flat rate per order." This will open up some new options just underneath it. In the Flat Shipping Amount field you will enter in your shipping rate, in this case I entered in 5.00. I left the Shipping Method Label field blank, but you can enter in a name for the shipping method if you wish.  Next, you will want to add a checkmark into the field for “Order-size requirement." Once again, this will open up new options. I set the Item Quantity Minimum to 1 and the Maximum to 5. The page should now look like this:

To save the rule you would then just need to click Add Rule.

This shipping rate option is great for many reasons. If you want to charge shipping based on the buyer’s total you can do that, for example you can setup rules that use the Item Total Minimum and Maximum fields to set rates that are:

  • $5.00 shipping for orders of $0.00 to $25.00;

  • $8.00 shipping for orders of $25.01 to $75.00;

  • $10.00 shipping for orders of $75.01 to $150.00;

  • ...and so on.

Do you have any questions about our new interface?  If so, feel free to contact our support staff by clicking the Contact button at the bottom of the page.