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Setting Up Country Specific Shipping Rules

When you setup your shipping you may want to setup a single shipping option for an entire country. With E-junkie you can set up country specific shipping rules but be mindful, if you want each country to have its own shipping rate you will need to create a rule for each country. We do not have a way to create shipping rates by region.
To create a country specific shipping rule, you will first want to go to your Shipping Settings:

Once the page opens, scroll down to get to your shipping rules. Use the Calculation Method drop down menu to select Flat Rate Per Order. Set your rate in the Flat Shipping amount field. Use the Destination Country drop down menu to select the United States.

Your screen will look like this:

After it is setup just click Add Rule to add the rule. You can repeat this for any country you want to create country specific shipping rules for. But, there’s more. If you are adding in Shipping Rules for the United States, Canada or Australia, you can setup rules specifically for different states. Let's do one for the United States, for one of the U.S. Outlying Territories, Guam.
You would set up the rules in the same way, but once you select United States in the Destination Country drop down menu a new State or Province drop down menu will appear, and you can use that to select a specific one:
A more specific rule will override a general one. A state will override the country and a country will override an all countries rule. If you need to set up different rates for All Countries, see how many will have the same rate and set up an All Countries rule that will handle those countries, and then create country specific ones for the rest of the world.
Do you have any questions about how to set up country specific shipping rules or how to use E-junkie in general? Hit the Contact link at the bottom of any of our pages to email our support staff.