Setting up E-junkie with USPS Shipping

May 19,2017 9 min read

While you can use a Flat Rate shipping option to work with USPS Flat Rate boxes, there is more you can do to integrate E-junkie with the U.S. Postal Service.
E-junkie is pre-integrated with the U.S. Postal Service. Here is how it works, we take the weight of the purchase, the number of packages, your zip code and the buyer's country and zip/postal code and send that to the USPS servers. Their servers take the information and then send the shipping rate back. This is all done at the time of the order and is so quick your buyer will not even notice it.
Start by clicking on the Shipping Calculations link on the right side of the Seller Admin page:

After that you will need to scroll down to the Shipping Rules section. From there use the drop down menu to select one of the following USPS shipping options:
USPS Cheapest
USPS Priority
USPS Express
USPS Media Mail
USPS Standard
The most popular one is USPS Cheapest, which is why it is at the top of our list of Shipping Rule options:
You can choose a country if you want or just let the USPS servers calculate the rates for all of your shipping.
Do you have questions about E-junkie? Go ahead and send our support staff an email by clicking the Contact link at the bottom of any of our pages! Good luck and good sales.