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Setting Up My Own Business: The Trouble, Strife and Triumph, Month Nine

Guest blog post by new entrepreneur Natasha Spencer. She will be doing a monthly column on her trials and tribulations as she launches a new business. You can read about Month Eight here. 

This blog is turning into a very valuable tool itself. If you’re anything like me and need a check-up on your achievements to realize that you have made some, then get blogging.

It wasn’t until I sat down to work out exactly what it is I’ve done this month as a new entrepreneur that my stress levels and feelings that I was wide off the accomplishment mark this month started to subside.


  • Getting the environment right
Now, as much as I love being self-employed and having the benefits of freedom, financial flexibility (sometimes it’s up, sometimes it’s down) and workload flexibility, I don’t enjoy the feelings of isolation. I miss banter. But, even more than that, I miss just bodies and voices being nearby. Working from my little office in the spare room has been leaving me deflated and demotivated. Needless to say, my productivity has not been at its best. So off to the coffee shop I’ve gone. I’ve even walked there, which has increased my step count for the day from 3 to 3,000. And even though I’m spending 90 minutes getting there and back, it’s a saving compared to the minutes spent distracted and ineffective at home.
  • Contract fear
Last month I told you how an important contract was temporarily coming to an end. Well, after several conversations via email and phone, further work is not looking hopeful until March, a wait of six whole months. So, after several restless days/weeks wondering how I was going to replace this and frankly, becoming pretty overwhelmed, I decided to be proactive and start looking for new opportunities.


  • Feelings of failure
This month, my to-do list has been getting longer, my expectations higher and my inability to complete tasks inevitable. My new plan: meet the deadlines +1. The idea is to get the necessary work complete and then set myself one realistic goal that I can achieve in that day, no matter how small. First up: Publish that blog post on my website that I’ve already written yet failed to put up for the world to see.


  • Setting up a new business
Yes! Whaat?! Next week, I enroll on the Princes Trust Enterprise Programme and to say I’m excited is an understatement. I absolutely love learning and if it’s helping me get the business world that bit more, then hey, it’s a win-win.

October is the month of networking for me. While I’ve made some fantastic contacts and promising leads, it’s easy to become overwhelmed at what’s before me. Maybe I’m naive, but I’m so motivated to create structure, schedule and success that it’s almost tangible!
  • Referrals
This month, I successfully converted an initial meeting at a networking event to a paid-for project. This was a new one for me. And what’s more, the client is so chuffed that he’s telling me about potential clients of his that may be interested in copywriting and digital marketing services and inviting me to produce quotes. It’s safe to say, I’m so sold on networking, that I won’t underestimate its potential again in a hurry.

For more trouble, strife and triumph of a new entrepreneur, come back next month for the next installment!