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Starting a New Business: The Trouble, Strife and Triumph, Month Thirteen

Guest blog post by new entrepreneur Natasha Spencer. She is doing a monthly column for us, sharing the trials and tribulations she encounters while starting a new business. Read about Month 12 here

February has certainly been a month of highs. On the 9th February, I celebrated my first year anniversary of going solo! Lots of folks say the first year is the hardest so I’m feeling confident that I can make it through the second. Here’s to year two! And if that wasn’t enough, on the 10th February I officially became a Prince’s Trust supported business! February has been one of those strange months where I made business progress without necessarily realizing it but it was not all easy sailing.


  • Website woes
When I chirpily set off on this adventure of starting a new business, I thought that as long as I have a website, one that exists, that’ll be enough. With my technical knowledge still growing and my diary becoming ever cluttered, I then settled on a website that did its job (or so I thought). But guess how many pure enquiries I receive through my website? ZERO. That’s not to say that social media wasn’t successful or that I didn’t boost my profile online through links, but directly through the website nothing was happening.

I realized that as I’d spent the entire year focusing on getting clients, making happy clients and continuing the cycle, I’d neglected to do the exact things I offer my clients for myself. Ironic, isn’t it? I’ve heard it’s not as uncommon you might think. Businesses, both new and established, have spent years building up a reputation based on doing a good job that sprucing up their website drops to the bottom of their to-do list because paid work is taking precedent. 

But for year two, I'm making my website my focus. They’ll be no end of updates on this, I’m sure! I’m hoping that the second year doesn’t live up to its ‘terrible twos’ moniker.


  • Change in direction 
So, you may recall that a few moments ago I so rudely left you wondering what that natural progression mention is all about. And it may seem odd that I’ve combined strife and triumph this month but let me explain. Over the last year, I have increased how much I read and naturally I’ve found myself drawn to books on business, confidence, sanity and entrepreneurs themselves. Then, I found myself stumbling upon the term ‘digital nomad’. After some intense blog reading, I realized that this notion of being truly remote and working from anywhere in the world would enable me to combine my two loves: writing and travelling.
For almost a decade now, I’ve gone on and on about my intentions to travel and while I’ve gone on some incredible holidays, I’ve always yearned for more. Some may say greedy, I say determined. And while strife does play its part, as everyone may not support this way of doing business, I am writing this remotely so why not continue starting a new business while abroad for say a few weeks at a time? With my lofty ambitions and books under my arm, that is what I did in February. On the 17th, I set off for Venice and I’m currently in Florence sitting in a little coffee shop watching the world go by. To think that little over a year ago, I was doing a three to four hour daily commute to travel to and from my little office cubicle, things are looking good. 

For more trouble, strife and triumph in the world of a true start-up, come back next month for the latest news from me as I encounter highs and lows as I’m starting this new business.