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Staying Healthy While Starting or Expanding Your Business

Whether you are currently running your own business or thinking about getting started, one thing you may already know is the number of hours you need to put into it.  You will likely be putting in well over 40-hours each week; it is tiring, often grueling to do, even if you use just eCommerce, you need to be working so many more hours if you want your startup to make it.

The problem with all those hours is it make a life/work balance kind of difficult.  You will likely see friends and family less, which can have its own effect, but you may also start eating differently, more fast food, something you can get on the go, and when you have time off it will be spent relaxing.  If you own a business that makes something consumable, you may find yourself eating, or drinking extra, like the baker who bakes the extra dough for themself, or the brewer who at the end of the day has a couple pints before going home.

If you are not careful those unhealthy practices can quickly do their damage.  So you need to find ways to keep yourself healthy while you get your business up and running.

First, avoid making fast food the norm.  It is so easy to just hit a drive through for your morning coffee, breakfast, lunch and dinner.  After all you are working ten hour days, you don’t have time to stop and get a sit down meal, or go home for lunch, etc.  Like anything, you can get away with it once in awhile, if you are running late one morning, stopping is one thing.  If you can, prepare things ahead of time, use a slow cooker to start your dinner before you leave for work so it is ready when you get home, take a lunch to work with you, instead of drinking overly sweet coffee drinks find drinks without sugar, like black coffee, or iced tea, and those diet sodas may not be as good for you as your might have thought.

Whether with family or friends, make time for yourself to get out and do something fun.  As much as we all like to relax at home on the weekends, you need to get out and be social, we are social creatures after all.  If all your time is at work and at home, it can have an effect, both mental and physical.  So go out once in awhile, it doesn’t have to be anything much.  Take your dog to a dog park with friends, go see a movie, meet some people for dinner, or have people over to your place if you really do not want to leave your place during your time off.

Finally, the dread one, exercise.  You want to make sure you are still getting some exercise.  It is possible that your business is one that give you exercise, or if you have a dog and take your dog for a walk that could work for some.  Most doctors will tell you to get some exercise, and you should, but if you can make it enjoyable all the better, you don’t need to practice for a marathon while trying to start your business, but maybe play a pick-up game of basketball, softball, etc. with friends.

It takes no time at all to get out of shape if you are not careful, and while running a business it can be difficult to change things.  If you already notice a change you do not like, you can work on it, don’t expect changes in a day, but don’t give up; start slow and have fun.

Good Luck and Good Sales