Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up E-junkie Gift Cards & Gift Coupons

May 19,2017 9 min read

With the Holiday season upon us, you might want to consider allowing your customers to purchase a gift card or gift coupon that they can give as a present.
With E-junkie you can do that with just a few steps. But first you will need to create a list of codes that can be sold. Although you can set it up in “order” like this:
We do not suggest that, as it can make it easy for people to guess what a code is and use the gift card or gift coupon without purchasing it or being gifted it. Instead you will want to create random codes, or use a tool to randomize the codes.
When you are ready to add the codes in you will want to start with setting up the discount. From the Seller Admin page click on the Discounts and Gift Coupons option:

One the page that loads make sure the drop down at the top reads Add New Discount. Then set a Name for the Discount, I used Gift Card. Then use the provided drop down menu to decide if it is for a specific item, or for any of your items, I picked Cart Item Total. Set the Flat amount you want the gift card to be for, 10.00. Enter in your different codes in the Discount Code(s) field, and set the Max Use Count to 1, so each code can only be used once:

Before you click Submit to save the discount and codes, copy the list of codes and paste them in a word processor .
Now you will want to set up the Gift Card product. From the Seller Admin page click on Add New Product:
For the New Product, name it something you want to let your buyers know what they are getting, I used Gift Card and set the Price. Next remove the checkmark in the box for Single File Download and add a checkmark to the box for Stored Codes. Finally, copy the list of codes from above and paste them into the “...from this list:” field. The page should look like this:
Then click the Submit button at the top or bottom of the page to save the Gift Card item.
Once you have clicked Submit you will be taken to a page with the button code for the Gift Card item.
Do you have questions about E-junkie? You can e-mail our support staff at any time right here.