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The Best Podcasts for Writers

Podcasts are a newish form of entertainment and information but as the medium has grown, podcasts have sprouted up on every imaginable niche and topic - including writing. You may not think of podcasts when you’re looking for a resource to help you grow as an author, reporter or blogger but there are some awesome podcasts for writers out there. We’ve compiled a list of what we consider the best podcasts for writers to derive inspiration, beef up storytelling abilities, learn from others’ successes and acquire the skills to market their books and brands.
The Longform podcast gives listeners a chance to view the nonfiction world of many writers.  The hosts Aaron Lammer, Max Linsky, and Evan Ratliff ask questions that delve into the writing, stories, and career of the guests. The topics range from art to business to tech to sex to sports. If you’re looking to learn from other writer, listening to them engage with these savvy hosts is a great way to do that. They will introduce you to a wide compass of nonfiction authors and give you a glimpse into how they work and how they’ve made it.

Listen now: Episode 151: Ian Urbina
otherppl focuses on well-known and up-and-coming authors in the publishing circuit. The host Brad Listi asks in depth questions about the authors, their books, and the creative process behind their work, all while having a genuine conversation. The interviews are engaging and are an in depth look at book compositions and the writing industry, as told by the authors themselves. The podcast comes in a downloadable app that is free as well.

Listen now: Episode 317 — Sheila Heti, Heidi Julavits, & Leanne Shapton
Tape’s hosts Mooj Zadie and Mickey Capper - with the help of their very interesting interviewees - delve into the methods behind different radio storytelling devices. DIY ethos course through the show. The hosts’ enthusiasm for the work featured on the show is evident. This is a podcast to inspire writers of all kinds but it can be particularly helpful for those who are writing for the ear.

Listen now: 20: Dana Chivvis
Writing Excuses
Writing Excuses is a podcast for writers who want to get some quick tips or ideas on the go. The objective is to help writers become better (and quickly!) at their craft.  These fifteen minute podcasts are published with the saying “Fifteen minutes long, because you're in a hurry, and we're not that smart.” But the topics covered are actually quite ingenious. Hosted by Brandon Sanderson, Mary Robinette Kowel, Howard Tayler and Dan Wells, this show covers books, storytelling, webcomics and more.  

Listen now: Writing Excuses 10.1: Seriously, Where Do You Get Your Ideas?
The Creative Penn Podcast
The Creative Penn Podcast is great for new writers but also can help experienced writers looking to market their material. The host Joanna Penn conducts in depth interviews on the process of writing, sharing her own experiences as she goes. Topics include: creative writing, how to find writing inspiration, creative entrepreneurship and publishing options.

Listen now: Writing Fiction. Improve Your Dialogue With James Scott Bell. Podcast Episode 190

The Fizzle Show
The Fizzle show is a podcast for entrepreneurs who are building their business from a creative standpoint. Whether you’re a writer, blogger or someone who is building an ecommerce store, this podcast is an intriguing look at how to get motivated and be productive in your chosen field. Topics include: choosing a niche for your blog, the art of surveying, picking a good domain name and cultivating a better personal brand.

Listen now: A Better Personal Brand (FS076)
Grammar Girl Podcast
One of the better known podcasts, Grammar Girl is for writers who want help with grammatical issues, errors and questions. The host, Mignon Fogarty talks about grammar, style and punctuation to help writers become stronger and more succinct.

Listen now: When Is It OK to Be Redundant?
The Memory Palace
This is an amazing story telling podcast - ideal for history buffs and any writers who would like to perfect their storytelling craft. The Memory Palace recreates historic moments in short bursts of the most compelling details. One of the captivating aspects of this podcast is that it incorporates the small unique details from the characters lives. Writer’s can take inspiration from host Nate DiMeo whether they write for radio or not. He proves that the cultivation of detail can create intrigue and illuminate the truth of a story. This is one of the very best podcasts out there. 

Listen now: Episode 63: Other Bodies
You Must Remember This
You Must Remember This podcast is produced by an accomplished journalist who has created an insightful, sensitive and entertaining podcast on the history of first century Hollywood. Karina Longworth, who is the host, producer and editor, has put an emphasis on the particularities of the historic era she talks about. This tops my list of best podcasts to listen to because it's sheer enjoyability. If you are a writer listening to her podcast, you can learn from her careful research skills (long hours in the library and in front of the computer are worth it!) and how she weaves gem-like details into her narrative.

Listen now: Charles Manson’s Hollywood, Part 1: What We Talk About When We Talk About the Manson Murders
The Moment
The moment podcast is hosted by Brian Koppelman. He interviews noteworthy, accomplished folks and pushes them to share breakthrough moments in their lives and careers. This podcast is for writers who need inspiration, or anyone who wants to follow through with plans and gets motivated by hearing other people’s stories. Koppelman has a knack for getting subjects to tell their stories, while having an entertaining, free flowing conversation.

Listen now: Mary Karr on the Art of Memoir

Guest blog post by Caroline Jackson of BRINKmedia