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10 Tools to Write Content for People and Optimize it for Google

Creating content that is search engine optimized is about more than using appropriate keywords. In order to improve search engine rankings, draw in new readers and keep people returning to a website, it’s important to create content that is meaningful, useful and interesting.

For those looking to improve the quality of their content, there is a wide variety of online tools available that make creating epic SEO content easier.

1. Word Stream
Word Stream is a piece of software and online resource that makes it easier to find the right keywords to use in your content. This SEO tool is designed for people who are still learning how optimization works, offering a performance dashboard to see how well keywords are working, and to discover how to improve future content.

2. Small SEO Tools
Small SEO Tools is designed to be an accessible and easy-to-use online tool that helps writers and content managers check the density of keywords in content. By simply pasting content into the website, you’ll be provided with keyword density information that helps you make changes. There is also a handy plagiarism checker that helps ensure your content is original.

3. Internet Marketing Ninjas
TheInternet Marketing Ninjas site offers an on-page optimization tool, where users can analyze their existing SEO settings, and discover website data that exposes any potential flaws. Using the Internet Marketing Ninjas tool, you can analyze content that is already published, see your meta information, and examine your page content in a way that allows you to make effective changes.

4. Custom Essay
Custom essay has expert proofreaders and editors at hand, who can provide you with a world-class content management service. These experts will guide you through errors made in your content, and help you learn from your mistakes and produce better content in the future. These professional writers and editors offer affordable prices and quick turnaround, making them a valuable asset for content managers and website owners.

5. Easy Word Count
In online content, word count matters. In order to fit your content neatly onto your page, and to avoid boring readers, it’s essential that you keep your word count within reasonable limits. Word count also matters in SEO, which is why Easy Word Count is a popular tool with website and content managers. Simply copy your text into the box and it will give you a word count, and a character count (with and without spaces).

6. Slick Write
Slick Write is designed to help you write better. This is an online, free tool that allows you to check your content for grammatical errors and stylistic mistakes. From SEO writers to bloggers, this online tool can help you ensure you’re writing your best content. The system also provides customizable feedback and impact reports, all for free online.

7. Boomessays
With Boomessays, you can ensure that every word you write has an impact. It’s easy to get lost in SEO content, writing solely with the purpose to improve search engine ranking, but by using a Boom Essays editor, you can get the feedback and assistance you need to ensure your content is accurate, engaging, interesting and fun. Use Boom Essays for editing and proofreading, and your website will have the authority it requires to bring in new readers.

8. Ginger Software
Ginger Software is a cross-platform system that gives users a simpler writing experience. The Ginger Page software is a writing tool that provides real time feedback. Users will also have access to a personal trainer feature to improve writing skills, a translation system, and even a sentence rephrase function that ensures all your content is concise and readable.

9. Paper Fellows
Paper Fellows is an online consultancy network, that gives writers the opportunity to speak to other editors, writers, researchers, and SEO experts. With this online system, you’ll be able to engage with people who create similar content, and get valuable advice on the content you produce. Using Paper Fellows ensures that your content is scrutinized and edited by human eyes, and not just through complex algorithms, meaning you will get the most accurate results every time.

10. Write My Essay
Write My Essay is another popular online editing and proofreading service, that gives you access to world class writers, editors and researchers. If you’re looking for help creating high quality content for your website, which is both search engine optimized and interesting to read, then Essay Roo is there to help. With a privacy and security guarantee, and affordable prices, it’s ideal for people looking for grow their website.

If you want to create quality SEO content that engages and informs, it’s important to use keywords appropriately, and to insert them in the most natural way into your content. Ensure that your content flows, get feedback from online tools and services, and your website will have a great shot at appearing higher in Google rankings.

Gloria Kopp is a web content writer and a marketing consultant from Manville city. She graduated from University of Wyoming and started a career of a content business writer, now she works as a content manager at Academized. Besides, she is a regular contributor to such websites as Engadget, Resumention, Huffingtonpost etc.