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The Best Halloween Stuff the Internet Has to Offer!

No matter how you celebrate, the fall holiday is an exciting and decoration-filled time.
E-junkie is based in the United States. Thanks to the Irish diaspora caused by the Potato Famine, Halloween is big here. But we have even more fun, because E-junkie is specifically in Tucson, Arizona, home to one of the largest per capita Dia de los Muertos celebrations in the U.S. It ends with the magnificent All Souls Procession. If you don’t live here, it’s worth the trip at least once.
As Halloween enthusiasts, we like to dress-up, carve pumpkins and have a good time with friends. And we want to spread our cheer, so we scoured the Internet for the very best Halloween wares and ideas to share here.
Did you know pumpkins are not the only thing that people carve?! In Ireland, turnips have been a popular option for a long time. And beets are popular to carve in the United Kingdom! If you are looking for ideas about what to carve, the Pumpkin Lady can help you out, with ideas that will work for pumpkins, and if scaled down, for turnips and beets too.
Halloween is more than just Jack O'Lanterns, and trick or treating. People all over the world  get dressed up and go to parties. Especially kind ones bring something to share. Why not bring your friends a red velvet brain cake?
But maybe you are looking for a more traditional celebration for your departed loved ones. If so, consider Dia de Los Muertos on November 1st. The feeling behind this holiday is that the deceased wouldn’t want you to mourn, they would want you to celebrate. Skeletons and skulls dominate Day of the Dead celebrations - sugar skulls are a very popular symbol. You can buy sugar skull nail decals, sugar skull french bull dog necklaces and sugar skull temporary face tattoos

Finally, if you need something to get in the mood for the holiday, you can put on a reading of Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven and drink some Raven Beer.
Whatever you decide to do for this festive fall holiday season, have fun! If you have Halloween suggestions to add, tweet them at us