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Types of Web Traffic and How to Improve Them

Types of Web Traffic and How to Improve Them

For many people that are aware of what is happening on the internet, the subject of web traffic is a very interesting one. Every blog owner, webmaster, writer or entrepreneur knows a little something about web traffic, for the simple fact that he has a site of his own, which he is probably trying to grow. For those who are only at the beginning of their online career, web traffic may be something confusing, and for good reason. Basically, web traffic determines the volume of people who are visiting your site, and it can be categorized in four types. Let’s discuss each of them, separately.

Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is undoubtedly the most important type of traffic, or at least that is what most people will tell you. The motivation for this statement is quite obvious. Organic traffic is the type of traffic that comes from search engines. So if anyone searches for your certain keyword, and your web site pops up, that visit is registered as an organic traffic count. This is why it is more valued by most, because it can grow (and alternatively decrease), on its own. Many blog owners and internet marketers invest in it because it also has a higher CPC (cost-per-click) value for PPC campaigns.

Companies focus on increasing organic traffic for different websites. In order to do this yourself you absolutely need to add content to your site, and not just any type of content. You will have to create insightful, unique and interesting articles, which are also optimized with the help of proper keywords. So before you start writing, make sure you choose a keyword for which it is possible to rank well on SERPs. Long tail keywords are usually the best choice because they are more successful with local searches.

Traffic from Social Networks

If you are active on social platforms, chances are that people might discover your website from them. Nevertheless, although social media has become very important for us, traffic coming from it is still not that relevant.

You can introduce a membership through social platforms to increase this kind of traffic. Many webmasters have experts on their social networks which provide an incentive to get people to register. You can also give them the ability to upload larger images, PM other users, have a larger signature once they are registered. In this case, you have an opportunity to earn some money providing your customers with a premium membership.

There are some advantages:

  • Great monetization potential if your forum has content that people are willing to purchase.
  • Plenty of ways to entice people into purchasing a premium membership.

But should take into account these disadvantages:

  • Building a forum right off the bat will be difficult without a large readership.
  • Moderating a forum can be a burden.

Direct Traffic

It is yet another type of traffic, but this time it doesn’t come from anywhere (search engine or social network). Direct traffic is a type of traffic that is counted every time a person writes your site’s address in the browser tab. Direct traffic is usually very high for popular websites, that are already visited by numerous people.

The easiest way of increasing organic traffic is by, obviously, becoming popular, and also creating a short, easy to use site address. You can even go as far as printing your website address on your T-shirt, and let curiosity make the most of people.

Referral Traffic

It generally comes from back-links, and other pages that send people to your site. In other words, if somebody reads an article you have written, likes it, and checks your site afterward, it is considered referral traffic. Subsequently, any click-through to your site, from another site, is considered referral traffic.

If you want to increase referral traffic value you should comment on blogs that accept links, add value to articles, guest-post and share stuff on social media.

In conclusion, although traffic is very important, it should not become the primary focus of your online campaign. In most cases it is better to create for humans, and let “nature” take its course.

About the author: Nicholas H. Parker is a marketing manager. Besides, he likes writing. So he prefers to spend his spare time working for the write my essay service. In this case, he has an opportunity to share his experience with others.