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Using Video to Build Consumer Trust in Your eCommerce Company

Using Video to Build Consumer Trust in Your eCommerce Company

Why should you trust someone you don’t personally know?

This question has been troubling digital marketers for years now. Trust is one of the most -if not the most- valuable assets in the eCommerce industry. And even though online shopping has become part of the new normal these days, many people are still doubtful about buying from a brand they’ve never heard of.

Thankfully, video content offers a solution to that.

There are a couple of characteristics we often associate with trustworthy people: they show a sincere interest in helping others, they are genuine and transparent, and other people speak highly of them. And video companies have found a way to embody those features by using specific types of branded videos.

In this piece, I’m going to show you how you can make the most out of these formats and start building a lasting and loyal relationship with your clients.

Let’s begin!

Deliver Helpful and Valuable Info Through Explainer Videos

People are drawn to content that offers a solution to their problems, often spending hours watching tutorials and online courses that can help them with issues of their everyday lives.

As a brand, you can also show audiences they can trust you by nurturing them with uninterested and helpful content. And the most engaging type of content of them all is the explainer video.

Explainers are brief animated videos that tackle complicated subjects in an easy-to-understand way. They use storytelling to explain how your audience can solve a specific problem by using one of your products or services.

By showing empathy for your customers and their problems, you’ll become a brand they can trust, one that understands what your users need and can provide helpful and educational material. Plus, an explainer will let you showcase your knowledge and experience, transforming you into an industry expert in the eyes of your audience.

How to Get Your Explainers Right

Since most people that will bump into your explainer video have probably never heard about your brand before, you better make a good first impression! Here are a couple of tips to get it right.

  • 1) Know your target audience: Your piece should feel as if it’s talking directly to them by addressing their specific problems. Most explainers use characters with the same traits as their prospected customers so that viewers can empathize with their situation.
  • 2) Keep it simple and short: Nobody has the time to sit through a lengthy and complicated explanatory video. Explainers are usually no more than 90 seconds long, using fast-paced editing and simple vocabulary to illustrate their subject.
  • 3) Stick to subtle branding: If there’s one reason explainers have become so popular is that they don’t feel too branded. They begin just like any other tutorial video by setting the context and problem and introduce the brand’s logo and products only when it’s time to explain the solution.

Display Your Products with a Professional-looking, Clear Product Video

Most people buy with their eyes: they trust only what they see. Hence the importance of a product video that showcases what you’re trying to sell in a truthful and attractive light.

Sure, there are tons of self-made and guerrilla-style marketing videos out there (and many of them are good!), but poorly designed content can scare off potential customers and ruin your whole marketing strategy. Especially in the eCommerce business, your video's quality can make the difference between making and losing a client.

Because your product video is more than just letting people know what you’re selling: is an extension of what your brand represents. The more crisp and clear you can display your products, the more serious your audience will take you.

Avoid that stock-shot look. Professional quality videos give you more control and allow you to develop and amplify your own visual identity.

Professional Tips for Your Product Video

Most online buyers might not have the option to experience your products in-person, so your product video should recreate that experience as honestly as possible. Here are some tips you should keep in mind in the early stages of your production.

  • 1) It’s not a matter of budget: It’s really not! It’s all about how you use the budget you have. Sure, we’ve all seen those flashy iPhone reveal videos, but sometimes all you need is a good camera, nice illumination, and an aesthetically pleasing background.
  • 2) Consider including instructions: Many product videos contain a step-by-step guide so that users get a good idea of how it works. This may come in handy if you’re selling a niche product.
  • 3) Show the real uses of your product: If you want to be transparent about your product, you need to show it in a real-life scenario. Do a thorough demonstration of its features and characteristics, and underline your audience can use it to achieve the desired results.

Showcase Positive Feedback with a Customer Testimonial

There’s a reason we search for user reviews before buying something online or going to a new restaurant: we trust other people. Customer testimonials are powerful marketing videos that transmit confidence the confidence new buyers need to make their decision.

Even if you’re just starting your eCommerce brand, there must be a couple of customers you’ve made happy with your product or service. Interview them about their experience and use their wisdom to your advantage.

The Basics of a Great Testimonial

Coming up with a convincing testimonial is trickier than just interviewing your customers. Before we finish, let’s review some fundamental tricks to help your video reach the heart of your audience.

  • 1) Use real customers, not actors: Honesty is a must in customer testimonials. If your audience notices that you're using actors or that the interview feels rehearsed, then they won't trust your brand. Always -always!- keep it real.
  • 2) Plan your interview ahead: Conducting an honest interview doesn’t mean you should improvise. Before talking to your customer, prepare a questionnaire with the main points you want to cover: how they first heard about your brand, their first impressions, and the results they got from using your product or service.
  • 3) Leave room for open questions: A good interview is equal parts talking and listening. You may have a fixed set of questions ready to fire, but you should also be prepared to follow the conversation wherever it may go. Sometimes the best answers are the ones you least expected to receive.
  • Just a Few More Words

    Each day, brands come up with new ways to engage and interact with audiences, so this can’t possibly be an end-all-be-all guide for your eCommerce company.

    Still, I’ve given you a fair number of tips and tricks on how to reach your audience through valuable and honest video content.

    After all, to make it in the current digital landscape, trust is an asset that brands can no longer afford to ignore. And video can become the first step towards building a lasting and strong bond with your audience.

    Victor Blasco is an audiovisual designer, video marketing expert, and founder/CEO of the explainer video production company Yum Yum Videos. Besides running the business, he’s a lifelong student of Chinese philosophy and a passionate geek for all things sci-fi.