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What Podcasting Can Do For You

Podcasting has been around for a while, previously referred to as audioblogging; but it really started taking off just over ten years ago and has grown since that time. Today Podcast are done not only by people who want to share their opinions on a regular basis, but also by celebrities and businesses. So does that mean you should get involved with Podcasting yourself?

Like everything, you really will want to look into what it would be able to do for you and your business personally and not just jump at it.

In someways Podcasting is like the radio shows of old. When someone downloads a podcast they are inviting people and their opinions into their life, which can be good for you. Ask yourself, would your business benefit from having a weekly “show” to talk to potential buyers.

Lets consider some of the advantages
  • First, it is easy for people to checkout. Like so many things in the digital world people can download your podcast and listen to it when they want, and this also allows for new people to come in later and start from your first one if they want.
  • If you have the equipment to record yourself, or you and some friends/employees, then the cost to get started is relatively low. Record, Prepare, Post. There is no video recording to do, or worry about what is in the back ground that people will see.
  • As I mentioned above, people are inviting you into their lives. Podcast can be made to be personal so it seem like you are speaking directly to the listener.
  • Being completely audio people can listen to it while driving, working out, etc.

But it is not all roses.
  • There are many podcast out there, so it may take time to start pulling people into your show.
  • Maybe your business is not really the kind that could take advantage of a full-time podcast.
    • If your business does not relate to something that you can do a regular 15 minute show minimum, it may not be worthwhile to create a podcast, you could end up repeating what has been in previous episodes.

So, if Podcasting is not for you, is there any way you can take advantage of this format of communication for your business?

Well of course there is, with advertising.

Advertising with podcast, like on the radio can be a hit or miss. The commercial is also handled by the host of the show. It is not a pre-recorded commercial by you, it is text they read out. There are usually three types of advertising on podcast.
  • Pre-roll – a commercial before the show,
  • Mid-roll – falls in the middle of the show, and
  • Post-roll – is at the end of the show.

Of course mid-roll usually results in more people paying attention. Pre-roll and post-roll have room for people who are zoning out before the actual program starts, or stopping the audio as the post-roll starts. If you are looking to advertise on a podcast there is even service setup to help you out like Midroll.

But I would say before advertising with a podcast listen to it. See if your commercial will fit in with the type of show it is, or how the host handles the advertising. Sometimes a host may sound amazing during the show, but move on to a monotone when it comes time for the adverts. The one time this may not be a case is if your advert is on a story-telling podcast, audio-plays.

And that may be something else you would want to do. A story you want to tell in a podcast format and you can advertise your business in the mid-roll and even sell the pre-roll and post-roll.

You can easily set yourself up to do any of this and if your have a brick and mortar shop it can be just as logical to create or advertise on a podcast as people will continue to download them for years to come.

Good Luck and Good Sales