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Button Code

E-junkie Button Code

  • E-junkie provides ready-made purchase buttons and links that you can copy and paste anywhere;
  • To sell from your website or blog, just copy the ready-made HTML codes we provide and paste them into your page's HTML source, wherever you want the button to appear among your own layout, text and images;
  • If you are selling from anywhere you cannot use HTML—such as a forum, email newsletter, or social network—just copy the Text Link we provide and paste it in there.

How to get button codes

  • When you are adding a new product in Seller Admin for the first time or editing an existing product, you will arrive at the Button Codes screen once you click Submit to save the new product.

  • If you just need to get codes for an existing product you'd already added, in E-junkie Dashboard go to Manage Products > Get Purchase Buttons/Links, select a product from the menu, choose whether you want a Cart, Buy Now, or Product Card button, then copy the button codes we provide there. See the links below for further details about the different types of button we offer.

Types of button code