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Selling on a Website or Blog

How to use E-junkie to sell on your Website or blog

Regular Website

E-junkie is not a CMS/storefront, so we don't build a site for you and don't impose any page templates upon you. With E-junkie, you can design and maintain your own Website pages however you wish, with whatever Web design software you wish, using whatever text, images and other content you wish -- that's all entirely up to you.

To add our cart system to your website, you simply copy the ready-made blocks of HTML code we provide in Seller Admin for your View Cart and Add to Cart buttons, or you can copy the code for Buy Now buttons that bypass our shopping cart to take the buyer directly to instant checkout for just one item at a time. Then simply paste those codes into the HTML source code of your own Website pages, wherever you want the purchase buttons to appear among your own layout and content. This means your chosen Web design software should provide some way to edit the raw HTML source of your page, or at least some way to paste-in ready-made HTML code as-is, without altering or modifying the code you paste at all.

If you're not very familiar with HTML, you may find it easier to use your Web page editor's visual-design mode (sometimes called WYSIWYG for "What You See Is What You Get") to type some placeholder text like XXXXXX wherever you will want the buttons to appear, so when you switch into HTML editing mode, you can look for that placeholder text and replace it with your E-junkie button codes. If the button code seems to get garbled when you save the page, try saving directly from the HTML view after you paste the code, without switching back to visual (WYSISYG) mode first.

Our Getting Started help page is a good place to begin setting up your E-junkie services, so you can get your button codes to start selling on your Website!

Using a Website builder or CMS platform

Please see this help page listing some popular Website builder and CMS platforms known to work well with E-junkie, many of which are linked to more specific instructions for pasting our button codes into pages built in that platform.

Using WordPress

If you are using the WordPress.org software on your own Website:

We now offer an E-junkie plugin for WordPress that can automatically generate a storefront section of your WordPress site, using the same product listing details and images as an E-junkie Fat Free Shop or Product Card. You can search for and install this plugin from your WP Admin panel—make sure you choose the official E-junkie WordPress plugin (not the WP E-junkie Shopping Cart plugin which was user-contributed and now long-obsolete).

If you'd rather build your own sales pages in WordPress, just copy your button code from Seller Admin to paste into your WordPress pages manually. You will need to switch to your post/page editor's HTML or Text view (rather than the regular Visual or WYSIWYG view), where you can see the raw HTML code and paste your button codes in there -- see the placeholder tip above to help you find where to paste the code. You may need to save directly from the Text/HTML view without switching back to Visual mode, as we have seen cases where switching back to Visual mode before saving can remove or garble important aspects of our button code.

The Raw HTML plugin should help prevent the WordPress software or other plugins from garbling your button codes after you paste them in, even if you need to switch back and forth between Text/HTML and Visual modes. You should be able to search for and auto-install that plugin from your WP Admin panel, or use the link above to visit the plugin page and download it to install manually; that link also provides instructions on how to use Raw HTML. See the Troubleshooting links in the sidebar here for additional information about common problems you may encounter adding E-junkie to your WordPress site.

If you have a free blog hosted on WordPress.com:

The WordPress.com free blogging site does not allow custom plugins or JavaScript on their own hosted blogs, so you would need to use the non-JavaScript version of our cart button codes. Just uncheck the box indicated on the button codes screen in your E-junkie Seller Admin to convert those codes to their non-JavaScript version.

Using Blogger on blogspot.com

The standard E-junkie cart buttons should work fine on the Blogger/blogspot.com service. You will need to use the HTML button in your Blogger editor toolbar; see the placeholder tip above, to help you find where to paste your E-junkie button code. You may wish to paste your E-junkie View Cart and Script code into a common template area (header/footer/sidebar), so it gets included in every page automatically; this Blogger help page explains how to Edit HTML for your blog template. For best results, you may need to save your posts directly from HTML mode after pasting the code, rather than switching back to visual mode before you save. See the tips above about using placeholder text to help you find where to paste the button codes in HTML view.