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Facilitation Service

We offer the E-junkie Facilitation Service for a one-time fee of $60 (USD), which allows you to request that E-junkie Support staff perform the following tasks on your behalf, during a period of one (1) year after you pay for the service:

  • Add or edit products and settings in your E-junkie Seller Admin;
  • Copy your E-junkie button codes and paste them into your Web site's sales page(s);
  • Add E-junkie cart customization code to the View Cart code on your Web site.

To enroll for this service, please simply click here to pay your $60 fee:


Please retain a copy of the email you will receive confirming this purchase. To use this service after you have paid, please simply reply to that email and describe in detail what task(s) you would like us to perform for you, and provide your E-junkie login email address along with one of the following credentials we can use to verify your identity as the owner of the account:

  • Your E-junkie login password; or...
  • Your E-junkie activation code (from the original "Account information" email we sent you); or...
  • Your E-junkie Subscription ID (a long number starting with I-), which you can find in your E-junkie Dashboard under Manage Seller Account > View Account Summary, or in the details of any subscription payment to Sine Info Ventures you find in your PayPal account history).

If you are requesting that we paste E-junkie button codes or cart customization code into your Web site, you will also need to provide the username and password you use to edit your site, along with your hosting control panel URL or FTP server name. For best security, we would recommend changing your site password after we complete the task; however, if you'd prefer to keep your old password, you can change it temporarily and have us perform the task with that, then you can change it back once we're done. If you want the button(s) placed in a specific place on your page, please type some placeholder text like ADDTOCART, VIEWCART or BUYNOW where you want each button to appear.