Patreon Digital Delivery

Secured & instant digital delivery for Patreon creators.

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How to use E-junkie for Patreon digital delivery?

Enabling Patreon for your E-junkie account and setting up your Webhook Secret

  1. Log into your E-junkie Dashboard;
  2. Go to Manage Seller Account > Edit Preferences;
  3. Scroll down to Webhook & Integrations;
  4. Under Integrations, click on the Patreon Integration button;
  5. Once the popup appears, open Patreon Developer Portal in a new browser tab to set up Patreon Digital Delivery:
    1. If you aren't logged into Patreon, login to Patreon first;
    2. In the Patreon Developer Portal, click on My Webhooks on the left sidebar;
    3. Copy the Webhook URL from E-junkie and paste that in Patreon;
    4. Click on + button to add the new Webhook:
    5. Once that Webhook is added, enable Create Member Pledge and Update Member Pledge by toggling the switch for them on the right side:
    6. Copy the SECRET automatically generated by Patreon, and paste it into E-junkie as your Webhook Secret:
  6. Once you have set up Patreon Digital Delivery, go to Manage Products > Import From Patreon in your E-junkie Dashboard;
  7. In the box that appears, enter your Patreon Public URL where indicated and click on Show Patreon Listings
  8. Select the Products you want to import, then click Import Now. All the goals will be imported into your E-junkie accounts.

Note: Patreon pledge amount and E-junkie item price has no relation to Digital Delivery. Even if the Pledge amount and Item Price don't match, E-junkie will do digital delivery for the pledge.