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Patreon Digital Delivery

Secured & instant digital delivery for Patreon creators.

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How to use E-junkie for Patreon digital delivery?

Enabling Patreon for your E-junkie account and setting up your Webhook Secret

  1. Log into your E-junkie Dashboard;
  2. Go to Manage Seller Account > Edit Preferences;
  3. Scroll down to Webhook & Integrations;
  4. Under Integrations, click on the Patreon Integration button;
  5. Once the popup appears, open Patreon Developer Portal in a new browser tab to set up Patreon Digital Delivery:
    1. If you aren't logged into Patreon, login to Patreon first;
    2. In the Patreon Developer Portal, click on My Webhooks on the left sidebar;
    3. Copy the Webhook URL from E-junkie and paste that in Patreon;
    4. Click on + button to add the new Webhook:
    5. Once that Webhook is added, enable Create Member Pledge and Update Member Pledge by toggling the switch for them on the right side:
    6. Copy the SECRET automatically generated by Patreon, and paste it into E-junkie as your Webhook Secret:
  6. Once you have set up Patreon Digital Delivery, go to Manage Products > Add Product in your E-junkie Dashboard;
  7. Give the product a name exactly matching the name of its corresponding Pledge in your Patreon account (Tip: use copy-paste to make sure they match);
  8. Set up the rest of the product's settings as you wish;
  9. When Patreon notifies our system of a newly active Pledge, we will process an order for the corresponding product, just as if the patron had purchased that product from you directly.

Note: Patreon pledge amount and E-junkie item price has no relation to Digital Delivery. Even if the Pledge amount and Item Price don't match, E-junkie will do digital delivery for the pledge.