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Can I temporarily suspend my account, and for how long will my settings and sales data be retained?

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After your E-junkie subscription is canceled:

  • Your account and products will remain fully active until your next expected monthly payment date, plus a 20-day grace period beyond that date, after which our system would then disable your account and remove your products if you have not already restarted payments by then;
  • Just contact us to let us know when you're ready to resume selling; we can revive your account and products for you within at least a year after your account is disabled, though you may need to reupload your files for any download products more than 30 days out, so make sure you have your own backup copy of those files.
  • Transaction Log data from past sales is retained in our system indefinitely, so you can log into your account and view or download that data at any time, whether you have an active subscription or not.