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How to offer Discounts with E-junkie Buy Now buttons

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Buy Now buttons can only apply product-specific Discount Codes that the buyer would enter manually to markdown the Item Unit Price of a specific product. Since Buy Now buttons skip our cart and take buyers directly to an instant checkout, it will be necessary to use a version of the Buy Now button code that provides buyers with a text-entry field where they can enter a Discount Code on your page before they click the Buy Now button.

Accepting Discount Codes with Buy Now buttons:

  1. In your E-junkie Dashboard go to Manage Products > Get Purchase Buttons/Links, select the product and click Buy Now;
  2. Select which payment method will be used for checkout with this Buy Now button;
  3. Under the HTML Code section, tick the checkbox Let buyers enter discount code;
  4. Copy the HTML Codes provided there;
  5. Paste the codes into your page where you want the button to appear with a text box for a discount code;
  6. Buyers will be able to enter their discount code in the text box before clicking the Buy Now button to make their purchase;
  7. See below for details about discount settings that cannot be used with Buy Now buttons.

Discount limitations for Buy Now buttons:

Buy Now buttons can only use Discount Codes that alter the Item Unit Price by a Flat Amount with an optional Expiration Date but no other conditions.

Buy Now buttons cannot use discounts which:
  • Apply to Cart Item Total or Shipping & Handling;
  • Have no Discount Code for the buyer to enter manually;
  • Reduce the item price to 0.00 (free);
  • Apply a %-based discount (instead, you can make it a Flat Amount equal to the desired % of the item's original price);
  • Have qualifying conditions such as:
    • Max. Use Count;
    • Min. Item Total;
    • Min. Item Quantity.

If you need to set up discounts using any of the settings in that list, Buy Now buttons will not work for that; you must therefore use E-junkie Cart buttons/links to sell from your site, or you can sell with our Product Pages or from an E-junkie Shop in our Marketplace.