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Why is the subscription plan I want not available?

When you go to your Seller Admin > Start/Update Paid Subscription, you will only be able to subscribe to plan levels that can accommodate your current usage of our system. E.g., if you have added more than 10 products or uploaded more than 50MB of download files, then our basic $5/mo plan would not be available to you, or if you have configured any products using digital product features, then our tangible-goods-only plans will not be available to you. You can view your current usage in Seller Admin > Manage Seller Account > View Account Summary.

To qualify for a smaller plan than those available to you, you can delete any unnecessary products to reduce the number of product slots you're using, and you can conserve storage space by overwriting your download files with a zipped version or deleting unnecessary download files by overwriting them with a blank dummy file (e.g., save an empty text file in Notepad and upload that).

To qualify for a tangible-goods-only plan if those are not available, you can edit your product settings to disable any digital product features they may have been configured with.