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Can I fund my subscription from my PayPal balance or pay with a credit card?

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Subscriptions need to be set up in a PayPal account; they cannot be paid directly from a card or bank account. PayPal will always fund subscription payments from your PayPal account balance. They will only tap your chosen backup funding source (card or bank account) if needed to bring up your balance enough to cover the full payment amount.

When you click the Subscribe button for your desired plan level in your E-junkie Dashboard, that will take you log into the PayPal account you want sending payments to us, so you can choose a backup funding source and approve the new auto-recurring payment plan there. PayPal may require that you have a credit card at least linked to your PayPal account in order to set up a subscription, even if you would not choose that card as backup funding for the recurring payments.

If you do not have a PayPal account at all or cannot link a credit card to the PayPal account you do have, then we can send you a link to pay a nonrefundable deposit for a full year of service in advance. Just contact us to state which subscription plan level you will need, so we can send you a link to pay an annual deposit for that plan.