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Is it possible to use third-party conversion tracking tools with E-junkie?

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This depends on the checkout payment method(s) you accept & the type of products you are selling:

  • Most third-party conversion-tracking services presume you are using a traditional e-commerce software package that gets installed on your own server and which controls every step of the shopping and purchase process from end-to-end;
  • Since E-junkie is a centrally-managed, copy-paste solution that does not install any software on your own server, and since we depend on third-party payment processors to handle checkout, we don't have as much control over some stages of the purchase process, particularly the checkout to post-checkout transition, which those tracking services expect and require to track conversions reliably;
  • Conversion-tracking methods that depend on the buyer viewing a thank-you page (e.g. Google Analytics) may not track actual sale conversions consistently, depending on which checkout method(s) you accept, which checkout method each buyer uses, and what kind of products you are selling:
    PayPal Payments Standard, PayPal Payments Pro Express Checkout:
    PayPal's checkout site requires the buyer to manually click past the end of Checkout to reach the thank-you page where third-party conversion tracking would typically occur. PayPal can be made to Auto-Return the buyer, but this is not recommended for download sellers as it would impede our ability to provide download links to buyers immediately following checkout.
    Card-based direct payment gateways:
    These will refresh to the thank-you page automatically upon successful payment completion, so these will support conversion tracking via thank-you page visits most accurately.
  • Conversions should track fairly consistently for buyers purchasing any download product, since those buyers must view their thank-you page at some point in order to download their purchase; even so, this will only work as long as your conversion tracking service does not require the conversion page to be on the same domain as your own Web site (see tips to workaround this limitation here);
  • E-junkie's built-in affiliate system can credit your E-junkie Affiliates for their sale conversions automatically regardless of whether a buyer visits any thank-you page, so this would be far more reliable than any third-party affiliate program that tracks referral commissions via conversion-page visits.