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E-junkie Guides

How do you want to accept payments?

E-junkie is not a payment processor, so we never handle any payment funds from your buyers at any point. Rather, we integrate with PayPal and other payment service providers, so buyers would pay in full directly to your account with the payment solution that handled their payment.

Ways for buyers to pay you

The easiest way to get started is to use your PayPal account to accept payments. The PayPal Standard checkout site can offer a card payment option for buyers who don't have a PayPal account. Additional payment options are covered below.

Payment Processors

These would each have their own checkout button in your E-junkie shopping cart, as buyers typically have their own account with the Payment Processor they'd use to pay you at checkout.

These work as a "middleman" where the buyer actually pays the Payment Processor from their card/bank account, and then the Payment Processor credits those funds (less their transaction fee) to your account balance with them, from where you can withdraw funds to your bank account. You can set up either or both of these if you wish to offer buyers a choice of these payment methods.

Card Payment Gateways

These add a separate Pay using Debit/Credit Card checkout button in your E-junkie shopping cart, which buyers can click to pay you directly with a card by simply entering their card details at checkout. Some of these include a built-in merchant account where you'd receive the payment funds, while others work with a traditional card merchant account at your bank.

You can have only one of the following enabled for your E-junkie cart at a time, as it would just confuse buyers to see multiple checkout buttons where they'd ultimately just pay you with a card either way; however, you can combine the Payment Gateway you choose here with any Payment Processor(s) listed above to offer buyers a choice of those payment methods.

Gateways that include their own merchant account:

Gateways that work with a traditional card merchant account at your bank:


Coming soon. These are similar to the Payment Processors listed above, but they can transact payment in digital cryptocurrecies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.