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Customizing E-junkie

Customizing E-junkie Shopping Cart

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How to customize your E-junkie Shopping Cart

Cart Preferences

In your E-junkie Dashboard go to Cart Preferences. There you can select a color theme for your cart (or even specify a custom color) and edit any of the text labels in your E-junkie shopping cart and card-checkout screens. As soon as you tab or click away from a field, whatever you'd entered there will appear in the cart mockup shown, so you can fine-tune your customizations before you click the Save Changes button to apply them to your live cart.

Aside from the standard text labels, we also provide some additional fields you can use to add extra text/HTML. Whatever you enter in the User Text field will appear at the bottom of your cart, and you can use the User Text Cc field to add a message above the Pay button on your card-checkout screen.

JavaScript Customization

If you are selling from your own site, you can also use Javascript in your own sales pages to customize the cart overlay within that page, which means you can even customize the cart differently on different pages—e.g., if you have different sales pages localized by language, or want to specify custom extra User Text that varies by page (such as an Add to Cart button for an add-on upsell related to items on that page).

To do this, you need to be selling from your own Web site and using our standard shopping cart HTML button codes—note that our Add to Cart Text Links, or Buy Now or Product Page buttons/links will not work for this—and make sure that our shopping cart appears as an overlay within your own sales page when a Cart button is clicked. To get this overlay-style cart display, you need to paste one copy of our Cart Script code into each sales page of your site. You can copy that Cart Script code from your E-junkie Dashboard under Manage Products > Get Purchase Buttons/Links—select Cart as the button type, copy the Cart Script code provided there, and paste that into every sales page on your site where you have any E-junkie Cart buttons.

Then just put the following code in each sales page where you want to customize the cart text/color/behavior:

<script type="text/javascript">
var EJConfig = {
  /* Apply a standard HTML/CSS color name: */
  theme: "Teal",
  /* ...or apply a custom color theme: */
  themeColor: "rgb(76, 175, 80)",

  /* Customize text labels: */
  customLanguage: {
    "cart": "Auschecken",
    "quantity": "Menge",
    "remove": "Löschen",
    "total": "Gesamt",
    "continue-shopping": "Mit dem Einkaufen fortfahren",
    "add-promo-code": "Promo-Code hinzufügen",
    "apply": "Apply",
  /* ...etc.; just specify the standard label text using '-' for any spaces, followed by whatever custom text you want instead. */

  /* Custom JS event when page with cart loads: */
  onload: function(){},
  /* ...or when buyer views cart: */
  onopen: function(){},
  /* ...or when buyer closes cart: */
  onclose: function(){},
  /* ...or when buyer clicks a checkout button: */
  onProceedToPayment: function(){},