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Upsell Offers

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How to offer upsells on your site

While we don't have a dedicated upsell feature built-in, you can present upsell offers on your site in at least a couple different ways we explain below.

Upsell/downsell choice

Here your initial purchase button would actually just be a link that brings up your upsell page, or perhaps a popup overlay if your site has a way to do that. On your upsell screen, the Yes Please button would be a purcahse button for your upsell item, and the No Thanks button would be a purchase button for your base/downsell item. See this help page for tips to customize your E-junkie purchase buttons.

Add-on upsells

You can use our cart customization to add a purchase button for an add-on upsell item in the cart itself. If this add-on offer would be the same for every prospective purchase in progress, you can copy your E-junkie Add to Cart button code for the add-on upsell item and paste that code into the User Text field under Manage Cart & Shop > Cart Preferences, along with whatever accompanying HTML you wish to go with the button.

However, if you want to show a different add-on upsell item when a buyer views their cart on different sales pages, you'd need to use cart customization javascript in each sales page with the add-on upsell item's button code and accompanying HTML in a customLanguage parameter modifying the user-text element, like so:

<script type="text/javascript">
var EJConfig = {
  customLanguage: {
    "user-text": "Add our bonus widget to your order for only $5.00!<br>\
      <a href='https://www.e-junkie.com/ecom/gb.php?c=cart\&ejc=2\&cl=XXXXXX\&i=YYYYYY' \
      target=ej_ejc class=ec_ejc_thkbx onClick='return EJEJC_lc(this);'>\
      Add to Cart</a>"