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Upsell Offers

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How to offer upsells on your site

While we don't have a dedicated upsell feature built-in, you can present upsell offers on your site in at least a couple different ways we explain below.

Upsell/downsell choice

Here your initial purchase button would actually just be a link that brings up your upsell page, or perhaps a popup overlay if your site has a way to do that. On your upsell screen, the Yes Please button would be a purcahse button for your upsell item, and the No Thanks button would be a purchase button for your base/downsell item. See this help page for tips to customize your E-junkie purchase buttons.

Add-on upsells

You can use our cart customization to add a purchase link for an add-on upsell item in the cart itself. You can use the following code for an Add to Cart link (where XXXXXX would be the Item Number of the product it would add):

<a href='#' onclick='a2c(XXXXXX)'>Add to Cart</a>

...and paste that code into the User Text field under Manage Cart & Shop > Cart Preferences, along with whatever accompanying text or HTML you wish to go with the button—e.g., like so:

Add our bonus item for just $5 more!<br><a href='#' onclick='a2c(123456)'>Add to Cart</a>

You can even copy the style attribute from your regular Add to Cart buttons to make the in-cart link look the same:

Add our bonus item for just $5 more!<br><a href='#' onclick='a2c(123456)' style='display:inline-block;background: #3da5d9 url(https://www.e-junkie.com/ej/images/newaddtocart.png) center/100px no-repeat;border: none;padding: 7px 55px;border-radius: 3px;box-shadow: 1px 2px 2px rgba(0,0,0,0.2);text-decoration: none;'>&nbsp;</a>

However, if you want to show a different add-on upsell item depending on which sales page the buyer is viewing, you will need to use cart customization javascript in each sales page with the add-on upsell item's code (as noted above) and accompanying HTML in a customLanguage parameter modifying the user-text element—e.g., like so:

<script type="text/javascript">
var EJConfig = {
  customLanguage: {
    "user-text": "Add our bonus item for just $5 more!<br>\
      <a href='#' onclick='a2c(123456)'>Add to Cart</a>"