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What do you want to sell?

Selling stored codes, registration/serial/license keys, phone cards, discount coupons

E-junkie can deliver codes from a list that you provide, without duplicating any deliveries, and a notification when the remaining stock of codes gets low. You can use this to deliver anything like serial numbers, license keys, phone cards, PINs, and even promo codes or gift coupons for your other products.

You could also have us contact your online code generator to obtain a fresh code on-demand whenever we process a sale for the relevant product; see this help page for details about selling generated codes.

While adding or editing your product in E-junkie Admin:

  • Tick the box to Show advanced settings at the top;
  • Under the Digital Delivery > Send Codes section, tick the box for Stored Codes;
  • This will reveal a field where you can paste your list of pre-generated codes;
    • One code per line—i.e., whatever you put on each line in your list will be treated as ONE code;
    • Each line can be up to 255 bytes long—e.g., 255 ASCII characters, or 127 two-byte non-Latin characters, etc.;
    • Each product's list of Stored Codes can have up to 10,000 lines (codes) stored at a time.

For whatever quantity the buyer orders, that number of lines will be removed from the list and emailed to the buyer. You can also customize your thank you page to display these codes to the buyer.

When your list is down to the last 5 codes remaining, we send you a notification, so you can restock your list before it's depleted. If you prefer to be notified when some other quantity of codes remain, just add this on a line by itself anywhere in your product's list of codes: LOW_STOCK=100 (specify here what number of codes remaining should trigger the notification); when you view the list later, that line will always appear at the top and will never get issued as an actual code.

Buyers would be unable to order a Send Stored Codes product if there are no codes remaining in the product's codes list. When you restock your list of codes, the new codes do not take effect until you click Submit to save changes, so buyers ordering before you click Submit would receive their code from whatever remained of the old list.

TIP: The Random.org string generator is pretty good if you need a way to manually generate a list of random codes for this Send Stored Codes method.