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Using E-junkie Features

List products in your E-junkie Marketplace Shop

List products in your E-junkie Shop & the E-junkie Marketplace

If you don't have your own Web site or don't wish to add E-junkie button codes to your existing site, you can list your products in your own E-junkie Shop page with a URL that lists just your own products. Adding product listings to your E-junkie Shop also provides an easy way for existing affiliates of other E-junkie merchants to find and join your affiliate program. If you are new to E-junkie, products from your E-junkie Shop will only also appear in the general E-junkie Marketplace once you start your paid subscription.

Bear in mind E-junkie is not a major shopping destination site like eBay or Amazon, so buyers don't really come to our Marketplace to browse around looking for things to buy. The Marketplace primarily just provides a way for search engines like Google to find your products, if you don't have a site of your own that they would normally find otherwise. Most sales in our Marketplace/Shops happen because of search sites sending buyers directly to a specific product page, or because the seller's own advertising and online marketing sends buyers directly to their E-junkie Shop or product page.

Listing products in your E-junkie Shop & Marketplace:

  1. Add Product in your Seller Admin if you haven't done so already;
  2. Go to Seller Admin > Manage Products > View/Edit/Delete Products;
  3. Select your product in the menu;
  4. Press the Add/Edit Product Page button;
  5. Type the product Details (description, promotional text, etc.) -- if you want to use HTML in your description for custom text formatting, adding pictures, etc., check the box to Treat details as HTML rather than plain text (note you can only use the HTML tags listed there);
  6. Type at least one product Category (up to 5 categories max.) describing your product;
  7. Optional: Enter any of the following if you wish:
    • Details URL (product page on your own site);
    • Demo URL (link to download a product sample from your site);
    • Tagline (brief slogan);
    • Short Description (appears next to your product link in your shop and our general Marketplace listings).
  8. Click Apply to save the listing, which will be added to your E-junkie Shop;
    (Note that it may take a minute or so for the Shop to pick up changes from Seller Admin)
  9. Optional: Click the Upload Product Images button to provide either or both of the following:
    • Thumbnail image of product/icon/logo to show in your shopping cart and thank-you page when a buyer orders the item (GIF, JPG, PNG. Maximum 75 pixels x 75 pixels. Not more than 20 KB);
    • Product Image to show in your main Shop index and on the product's sales page (GIF, JPG, PNG, SWF. Preferred image dimension is 1.25:1 ratio or 350px:280px. Not more than 1 MB).
    Tip: If you're only uploading a thumbnail for your cart/thank-you pages and don't want to list the product in your E-junkie Shop, after uploading you can just click Back from here and then click Remove Product Page.
  10. From there you can click Back and repeat the above steps for any other products you want to list in your E-junkie Shop page;
  11. When you list products in your E-junkie Shop, your main Shop page will also be created automatically:
    • Your default Shop URL will be:
      ...where XXXXXX is your E-junkie client ID number (which you can find in Seller Admin > Manage Seller Account > Account Summary);
    • Optional: You can give your Shop URL a custom name like:
      ...by going to Seller Admin > Manage Seller Account > Edit Preferences.
  12. Optional: You can upload your custom logo or header graphic from Seller Admin > Manage Seller Account > Edit Preferences. We will show it on the top of your E-junkie Shop pages, your checkout payment pages (for the payment processors which allow it), and on your post-checkout thank-you pages. For checkout pages, we serve the logo via SSL to avoid any security warnings.
  13. Once you start your paid subscription to E-junkie, products listed in your E-junkie Shop will also be listed in the E-junkie Marketplace.

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