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Using Stored Codes to issue a unique image per order

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How can I issue a unique image with each order, e.g. for event tickets?

Generate a list of unique, random, alphanumeric strings (e.g. using Random.org/strings, and use those strings to give each different image file a unique, random filename (e.g., something like fhqwhgad.gif, etc.), then place the files in a folder on your Web site (e.g., http://www.yoursite.com/tix/). Also be sure to place an index.html file (blank or not, your choice) in that folder (or use .htacces tricks if you're into that) to prevent visitors from browsing the contents of that directory.

In the product settings under Product Thank-you Email, tick the box Don't include default greeting and link/code. This will replace any standard email message we normally send, so you will need to type the complete email message you want to send the buyer after payment, from start to finish. In that message, you would include the following:

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...where the first part of that is the URL of the folder where you uploaded your image files, and the last part is the filename extension of your image files (e.g. .gif or .jpg).

Enable Send Codes > Stored Codes in your product settings, then in the box that will appear paste your list of unique alphanumeric strings (the same ones you used for the filenames) as the list of codes to send for that product. Each buyer's thank-you email will receive one of these code strings from the list, inserted in place of the [%codes%] tag from your template, so their email will give them a completed URL to reach their own image file—e.g. like so:

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