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Selling on Wix

Using E-junkie to sell downloads and tangible goods with Wix

New HTML5-based Wix site templates

Just copy the E-junkie HTML button code provided in your E-junkie Dashboard and use the Wix HTML Code widget for their new editor (or the HTML App for their old editor) to paste our buttons into your Wix HTML5 site, wherever you want the button to appear among your own layout, text and images. This will put the button in an IFRAME within your page, so you may need to click on the IFRAME to get resizing handles you can drag to make it big enough to remove any scrollbars.

You could also just copy the Text Link (instead of the HTML code) we provide for your E-junkie button, and paste that into your Wix editor's Add Button widget as the Link for that button.

Legacy Flash-based Wix site templates

Our button codes are intended to be pasted into the source code of a typical Web page built in HTML rather than a Flash-based site, but you can paste our button codes into an HTML widget in Wix.  We would recommend using the non-javascript version of our cart button codes, which would display the cart in a separate window/tab; to get this version of the codes, just set JavaScript: N at the bottom of the button codes screen in your E-junkie Dashboard before you copy the code. You can also use Buy Now buttons which would skip the cart to take buyers to instant checkout for a single item.