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Integrating E-junkie with GetResponse

How to integrate E-junkie with GetResponse

Due to new GDPR regulations on how buyer data must be handled, this GetResponse integration will normally only subscribe buyers who deliberately tick the opt-in checkbox to subscribe to your newsletter when placing their order. For direct card payments and E-junkie Free Checkout, we provide this opt-in box on our card checkout screen. However, for buyers who go through PayPal checkout, we can currently only provide this opt-in box after checkout on the thank-you/download page we generate for their order.

If your product is itself a paid subscription to receive periodic delivery of purchased content via email, we can manually enable "soft opt-in" for the product -- i.e., a subscription opt-in implicit by the fact they knowingly chose to purchase a subscription product -- to ensure that all buyers of the product are subscribed. If you'd like us to do this, just contact us to let us know which product(s) should have it enabled.

You can integrate E-junkie with GetResponse in either of two ways:

  • Have all customers added to your campaign for all your E-junkie sales;
  • Have only selected product purchases add the customer to your campaign.

To integrate all your E-junkie sales with GetResponse:
This method will apply to all products in your entire E-junkie account, regardless of which product(s) each customer purchases.

  1. Log into your E-junkie account and go to Seller Admin > Manage Seller Account > Edit Preferences;
  2. Under Webhook & Integrations, paste the following link in the Common Notification URL field:
  3. Click Submit to apply changes.

If you prefer to only integrate sales of certain E-junkie products:
This method will only apply to particular products, so only customers who purchase those products will be submitted to your GetResponse campaign; you do not need to do this if you're using the account-wide integration method explained above.

  1. When adding or editing a product that you wish to integrate with GetResponse, tick the box to Show advanced settings at the top, then look for Webhook Integration and tick that box;
  2. This will reveal a Product Notification URL field, where you should paste this link:
  3. Click Submit to apply changes.

Whichever method you choose above, you must also specify a campaign name in your E-junkie purchase button codes:
Once you add the URL settings explained above, you will also need to modify your E-junkie purchase button codes to specify which GetResponse campaign your customers should be added to. Wherever you paste the button codes into your site, you will need to add a &custom=campaign_name parameter (where campaign_name should be replaced with the name of your GetResponse campaign) to the end of the href= URL in your button codes, like so:

<a href="https://www.e-junkie.com/ecom/gb.php?c=cart&i=XXXXXX&cl=YYYYYY&ejc=2&custom=campaign_name" onclick="javascript:return EJEJC_lc(this);" target="ej_ejc"><img alt="Add to Cart" border="0" src="https://www.e-junkie.com/ej/ej_add_to_cart.gif" /></a>

You can only specify a single campaign per entire order, therefore:
  • When using E-junkie Add to Cart buttons, all buttons must specify the same campaign name in the &custom=campaign_name parameter;
    • If you're using the account-wide integration method, you must add this parameter to all of your Add to Cart button URLs;
    • If you're only integrating specific products, you only need to add this parameter to your Add to Cart buttons for those products.
  • If you use Buy Now buttons, you can use different campaign names in the &custom=campaign_name parameter for each Buy Now button.