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Integrating E-junkie with email marketing services

How to integrate mailing list services with E-junkie

These email marketing services maintain a list of email subscribers and allow you to send mass mailings to those subscribers—e.g., for email marketing and customer outreach. When your buyers make a purchase, you can have us automatically submit their name/email for subscription to a list you manage with one of these services.

Some call this an "autoresponder", though that term usually refers to an automated reply sent when an email is received, such as an "on vacation" message or a "we have received your email" confirmation; mailing list services also sometimes use that term for a specific feature they offer, referring to an automated message sent in response to a triggering event, such as a subscriber's birthday or making a purcahse.

Also note that you may be able to use our Zapier integration as a middleman to integrate with any mailing list service not listed below.