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Mailchimp Integration

Follow the below steps to integrate E-junkie with MailChimp.

Due to new GDPR regulations on how buyer data must be handled, this MailChimp integration will normally only subscribe buyers who deliberately tick the opt-in checkbox to subscribe to your newsletter when placing their order. For direct card payments and E-junkie Free Checkout, we provide this opt-in box on our card checkout screen. However, for buyers who go through PayPal checkout, we can currently only provide this opt-in box after checkout on the thank-you/download page we generate for their order.

If your product is itself a paid subscription to receive periodic delivery of purchased content via email, we can manually enable "soft opt-in" for the product -- i.e., a subscription opt-in implicit by the fact they knowingly chose to purchase a subscription product -- to ensure that all buyers of the product are subscribed. If you'd like us to do this, just contact us to let us know which product(s) should have it enabled.

Enabling MailChimp for your E-junkie account and setting up your API Key

  1. Log into E-junkie Seller Admin;
  2. Go to Manage Seller Account > Edit Preferences;
  3. Scroll down to Webhook and Integrations;
  4. Under Integrations, click on the MailChimp Integration button;
  5. Once the popup appears, open Mailchimp in a new tab:
    1. Login using your Mailchimp credentials;
    2. Once you are logged in. Click on your Profile Name on the top right corner and select Account from the dropdown;
    3. Click on the Extras tab and select API Keys from the dropdown;
    4. Click on Create a Key button;
    5. Copy the key you created (an alphanumeric string like 1a23bc45de6f).

  6. Once your key is created, switch back to your E-junkie Admin tab;
  7. Tick the box to Enable Mailchimp and paste the API Key that you created in your mailchimp account.

Setting up your List ID/Audience IC

  1. Go to your Mailchimp account;
  2. Click on Audience in the top navigation bar;
  3. Click on the Audience name you want to integrate with E-junkie, or Create Audience if you haven't set one up yet;
  4. Once the Audience page opens, click on Settings and select Audience name and defaults from the dropdown menu;
  5. Copy the alphanumeric List ID string like a1bc23d45ef6 that you will find in the left column;

  6. Paste that string into the Mailchimp integration popup List ID field in E-junkie Admin;
  7. Once you have integrated a default List ID in your E-junkie Preferences, you can also optionally integrate any individual product(s) with their own List ID:
    1. In Seller Admin go to Manage Products > Edit Products, select the product, and click View/Edit Product;
    2. Under Integrations, click on the MailChimp button;
    3. In the popup that will appear, paste the List ID for that product from your MailChimp list (as described above;
    4. Click Submit to apply changes.

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