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Selling Fundraising Products

How to use Product Cards for Fundraising

If you need to take donations with a goal or crowdfund a new product our Fundraising setting will allow you to easily do this alongside our Product Card settings.

How It Works

Simply create a new product in your E-junkie account, which can have a set price or use our name your own price settings.

All of our other features are compatible with the Fundraising settings, so if you want to deliver a file or collect the donor's shipping address in order to deliver a physical item those settings can be applied as normal. Be sure to write a nice Product Thank You Email message to be sent after each donation.

The first step is to Add your product completely, by setting its name and price and any other important details. Once the item exists in your account you can use the Edit Listing to create its Product Card and enable the Fundraising settings

On the Edit Listings screen there is a Product Card Settings button at the bottom of the screen. Click there to toggle whether or not this item is a fundraiser. You can also set the overall theme of ALL product cards for your account.

With the Fundraising settings enabled your Product Card for this item will now display your goal and how much you have collected so far. The payments come straight through your payment processor as they would for any sale.

NOTE: The amount we track for your goal is what the buyer/donor paid, but keep in mind that payment processor fees still apply to each transaction so set your goals accordingly.)

As with all Product Cards, you can edit your product listing to add additional text and also upload images. Fundraising items can be added to your E-junkie shop, but they will appear as normal items there. Likewise, the Add to Cart and Buy Now buttons for these items will still function as normal and not display your fundraising goal or total contributions.