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How to customize your post-sale e-mails?

The Thank-you Emails we send are separate from and unrelated to any payment-receipt email the payment processor may send to the buyer after completing checkout.

Thank-you emails are only sent in plaintext, so HTML formatting will not work in your custom messages. To help avoid having your Thank-you Emails falsely flagged as spam, any custom message you add should be short and to the point, providing only essential information and as few URLs as possible (if any). You can place more extensive information, instructions, links and promotional content in your Thank-you Page, and you can include the [%thankyou_link%] variable in your Thank-you Email template to insert a link to that page.

Product-specific thank-you emails

For digital products, E-junkie normally sends a default Thank-you Email message starting with a personal greeting of "Dear [%first_name%]," followed by our unique link to the buyer's thank-you page (where we provide their actual download or redirection link) and any codes you issue for the product, followed by whatever custom text you have entered in the product's Email Message field.

Tangible goods and other non-digital products/services normally will not issue a product-specific Thank-you Email unless you enter something in the product's Email Message field.

If you prefer to determine the entire email format from start to finish, you can Enable Templated Email in the product's settings and provide an email template in the product's Email Message field. If you do this, E-junkie will not include any information by default in the email; you would get complete control over the message and can insert details about each buyer's order by using the template codes listed below.

If you Enable Templated Email but do not enter anything in the Email Message box, this will disable Thank-you Emails for that product (our system can't generate an email from a template if no template is provided :^).

Common Thank-you Email

One copy of this message is sent for each order, separately from any product-specific Thank-you Emails. We automatically provide new accounts with a default Common Thank-you Email template that you can customize in your Seller Admin > Account Preferences. This message always enables Templated Email, although you can only use the Order Specific variables listed below; Item Specific variables will not work, because the common email is not associated with any particular product.

  • If you want your buyers to receive only one Thank-you Email for any/all items ordered, you would use this email and disable your product-specific emails (as explained in the section above);
  • If you only want to send product-specific emails or don't want to send any thank-you emails at all, you can simply delete your Common Thank-you Email template to disable this message.

If you are selling any digital products or wish to show the buyer item-specific order data, but you have also disabled product-specific emails, then you should include the [%thankyou_link%] variable in your Common Thank-you Email template, which inserts a link to the order's Thank-you Page where any download links and Item-specific data could be displayed.

Variables you can use in a Thank-you Email template:

Order Specific
[%first_name%] = Buyer's First Name
[%last_name%] = Buyer's Last Name
[%payer_email%] = Buyer's PayPal Email
[%payer_phone%] = Buyer's Phone Number
[%shipping_phone%] = Shipping Address Phone Number
[%business_name%] = Seller's Display Name set in Admin > Edit Profile -- this will also work in the Subject line of a Common Thank-you Email
[%thankyou_link%] = Link to thank-you/download page for all items ordered; note if you have a Common Thank-you Page URL, this would redirect to that URL
[%txn_id%] = Transaction ID
[%ej_txn_id%] = E-junkie internal Transaction ID shown to affiliates *
[%auction_buyer_id%] = Auction's Buyer ID [for eBay sales only] *
[%invoice%] = Unique Invoice ID generated by E-junkie *
[%tax%] = Sales tax [does not include VAT]
[%country_digital%] = VAT place of supply for digital items
[%country_tangible%] = VAT place of supply for non-digital items
[%vat_digital%] = Order subtotal of VAT calculated for digital items
[%vat_tangible%] = Order subtotal of VAT calculated for non-digital items
[%shipping%] = Shipping + Handling
[%gross%] = Order total
[%p_date%] = Payment Date, e.g.: January 1, 2009
[%c_date%] = Current Date, e.g.: January 1, 2009
[%c_time12%] = Current time = MST in 12 hour format, e.g.: 7:07 pm MST
[%c_time24%] = Current time = MST in 24 hour format. e.g.: 19:07 MST
[%custom%] = If you passed a custom variable in the button code *
Item Specific (these only work for product-specific emails)
[%item_name%] = Item Name -- this will also work in the Subject line of a product-specific thank-you email
[%item_number%] = Item number in E-junkie admin
[%download_link%] = Link to item-specific thank-you/download/redirection page; note this variable only works for products that have Downloads or Redirection enabled
[%codes%] = If your product issues PIN/registration codes
[%expiry_hours%] = Download link expiration
[%max_downloads%] = Download limit
[%item_price%] = Price of the item
[%sale_price%] = Price at which the item was sold, which can be different from the item price in case buyer used your discount code or if the item was sold in an auction etc.
[%currency%] = Item's pricing currency *
[%quantity%] = Quantity of the item sold
[%vat_country%] = VAT place of supply for the item *
[%vat_rate%] = VAT rate applicable for the item's place of supply *
[%auction_item_number%] = If this was an eBay listing *
[%sku%] = SKU of the particular item Variant sold *
[%on0%] = Option 1 Name using Variations *
[%os0%] = Option 1 Value using Variations *
[%on1%] = Option 2 Name using Variations *
[%os1%] = Option 2 Value using Variations *
[%on2%] = Option 3 Name using Variations *
[%os2%] = Option 3 Value using Variations *
[%o1_title%] = Option 1 Name using Variants *
[%o1%] = Option 1 Value using Variants *
[%o2_title%] = Option 2 Name using Variants *
[%o2%] = Option 2 Value using Variants *
[%o3_title%] = Option 3 Name using Variants *
[%o3%] = Option 3 Value using Variants *

* These template variables will come out blank for messages sent using Send Free Download Link / Code or Updates & Newsletters; order-specific variables for such messages will only insert details pertaining to the free link, Update or Newsletter (rather than the buyer's original order).

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