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Sendowl alternative for selling online

E-junkie is a Sendowl alternative that provides a Digital Delivery service to sell online courses and any other digital download in just 5 minutes.

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Start selling in 3 easy steps.

Sell on your website, blog, social networks, Whatsapp, Messenger, everywhere!

Step 1

Link your payment processor.
(PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, Authorize.Net, 2Checkout and more)

Step 2

Add your product
(Tangible, Digital, Tickets, Codes, Email Newsletters and more)

Step 3

Copy-Paste the button codes or links in your website, blog or social networks.

E-junkie Sendowl Winner
Pricing $5 to $40/mo $9 to $99/mo E-junkie
More product space per dollar Yes No E-junkie
Hosted Storefront Yes No E-junkie
Sell digital and physical products Yes Yes E-junkie
PDF stamping Yes Yes E-junkie
Customization Yes Yes E-junkie
Affiliate Programs Yes Yes E-junkie

Why E-junkie?

Why pay more? Get the support you need to handle an unlimited amount of transactions for your products and services and only pay for the storage you need. E-junkie provides the all features you need at a fraction of Sendowl's costs!

Need an inexpensive delivery service for digital products that's quick to set up and won't need constant attention? E-junkie is the best solution! We specalize in delivering any form of downloadable product after you are paid directly via PayPal or one of the other payment systems we work with. There are no additional transaction fees and no extra step between you and your earnings!

We can support any other type of online sale as well, from physical goods to online or offline services and teaching courses. Our discount feature allows you to create coupons and special promotions to lower the price of an order before it's processed by PayPal.

You can start selling on E-junkie the same day you sign up! Just connect with one of the payment systems we support and enter your products into our system. You can start selling immediately using our simple copy-paste code to add our shopping cart on your existing website, create a shop or product landing page, or just share purchase links anywhere.

Awesome Features

E-junkie is a hosted service, so you don't have to worry about installing, programming or maintaining any software. There are no limits or fees based on how many sales you make and our service is powerful enough to accommodate your growth at any level. Sell files, codes, generated keys, e-books, software, physical products, or any combination of these! E-junkie will instantly send the buyer your digital goods with a unique download link that expires after limited use.

Sell with pride

E-junkie has been an E-commerce SAAS platform since 2004. We have seen a lot of our sellers grow from one book to a whole library. E-junkie's affiliate system, inventory management, and buyer management has always kept our Sellers on top of their game. From download delivery to email marketing or sending newsletters, you can do everything in E-junkie just for $5.