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How to offer volume discounts on larger orders

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You can set up volume-discounted pricing a couple different ways, one using Discounts, and the other using Variants. We'll cover both of these approaches below, but note that these both require using our shopping cart buttons/links, either on your own Web site or in an E-junkie Marketplace Shop or Product Page; they will not work with our Buy Now buttons/links.

Apply increasing discounts depending on the item quantity in a buyer's cart

You can set up a series of discounts applied to the Item Unit Price of the same product, each with a greater discount amount and requiring a higher Minimum Item Quantity threshold to qualify.

You can use the same Discount Code for this series of discounts, or you can leave the Discount Code field blank to have the discounts applied automatically whenever a buyer's cart order qualifies for each one. Either way, discounts with a higher minimum threshold would automatically override those with lower thresholds applied to the same thing—i.e., these discounts would not combine or compound together, making it easier for you to calculate how much of a discount would be applied at each quantity level.

Using Variants to configure volume discounts as "multi-packs" at fixed prices

If you don't want to use our Discounts feature, another way to create volume discounts would use our Variants feature to define "multi-packs" at a fixed price for each pack size. While adding/editing the product in your E-junkie Dashboard, do the following:

  • Tick the box for Variants affecting item SKU/price/weight/stock;
    (If you don't see this, make sure the box is ticked to Show Advanced Settings at the top of that screen)
  • This will reveal a place to specify product variants (following the format described there) for each fixed pack size and its price—e.g., you could enter Option 1 Name as something like Pack size and put something like these lines in the Variants configuration list:


    In that example, the weight and stock positions on each line have been left blank for simplicity. However, if you will be using weight-based Shipping calculation, you can enter the shipping weight of each whole pack in the appropriate place on each line, like so:


    See our Variants help page for a fuller explanation of Variants configuration.

  • Inventory Control to Limit Available Stock is not advisable with this method, since it's not possible to track individual units sold in multi-packs configured in this manner;
  • Whenever you enable Variants for your product, or change the Option Value(s) at the end of any line in the Variants configuration, note that you will need to copy fresh Add to Cart button code to paste into your own Web site (if you sell directly from there); however, your E-junkie Marketplace Shop or Product Page would pick up these changes automatically.