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Help with E-junkie Features

Inventory Management

Limit product sales based on quantity in stock or an expiration date/time

While adding or editing the product, tick the box Show advanced settings at the top, then scroll down and look for the Inventory Control section, where you can do the following:

Limit sales based on quantity in stock

  1. Tick the Limit available stock checkbox;
  2. This will reveal a field where you can enter the quantity of units you have in stock:
    • Our system will update that quantity when we process a sale for the product;
    • When this quantity reaches 5 and fewer units, you will receive a low-stock notification email;
    • Once this quantity reaches 0, your purchase button for that product will show an "out of stock" message when clicked;
    • If you are selling products using Variants along with Inventory Control, every possible combination of product options would have its own stock figure, which you would specify and update in the product's Variants configuration;
    • If you are selling stored codes, the Limit Available Stock setting will be enabled automatically, with the quantity in stock determined by the number of codes remaining in your list.
  3. Click Submit to apply the new settings;
  4. You can manually view or update the quantity any time (like when you restock the product) by going to Manage Products > Edit Products:
    • The Select Product menu here will list the quantity remaining for each product that uses Inventory Control;
    • To update a product's quantity in stock, just select that product and click View/Edit Product to revise its settings.

Limit sales based on an expiration date/time

  1. Enter an Item Expiration date and time when you want the purchase button for that product to become disabled (for a midnight expiration, set this to 00:00:00 of the following day—e.g., the end of October 2012 would be entered as 2012-11-01 00:00:00);
    Note that all timestamps in our system are MST/PDT (GMT -7)
  2. Click Submit to apply the new settings;
  3. You can manually change or remove the item's expiration date at any time (such as when you want the product to become available again) by editing the product in Manage Products > Edit Products.


You can enable both the stock and date-time limit—e.g., this comes in handy if you are selling event tickets.