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Merchant, Product, Affilite relation, Affiliate percentage or the Hop link has been removed. Please contact the merchant.

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If you get that message when clicking your affiliate link, that indicates that the merchant who operates your affiliate program has either:

  • Deleted their product; *
  • Disabled affiliate linking/commission for the product; *
  • Disabled their Common Hop Links (if your Common Hop Link produces this error);
  • Removed you from their affiliate program;
  • Deactivated their affiliate program entirely;
  • Canceled their service with us entirely;
  • Had their account with us suspended due to a Terms of Service violation (such as spamming, scamming or other illegal activity - see IMPORTANT NOTICE below).

* In these cases the merchant's Common Hop Link settings would provide a fallback landing-page URL for defunct product-specific hop links, but defunct links would produce this error if the merchant doesn't have a Common Hop Link enabled.

Please contact the merchant who operates your affiliate program for any further information or instructions regarding their own particular affiliate program or products. If you are still joined to the merchant's program, you can use the Contact Merchant button in your Affiliate Admin to send a message to the email address we have on record for the merchant.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: E-junkie's affiliate system is free for affiliates to use at no charge. We forbid merchants from requiring payment of any kind of fee for their E-junkie affiliate programs, and we will suspend any merchant accounts in our system who are discovered to be conducting such schemes.

If you have been asked to pay any fees for any affiliate program, please notify us of who it was, and we would strongly recommend that you attempt to get the charges reversed through your credit card issuer or by filing a complaint with the online payment service which handled your checkout for that fee (this should be shown on your receipt email for that fee payment).