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View Cart button disappears when clicked, does not display cart

This may happen with Apple iWeb and similar page-builder software that puts pasted HTML code snippets into a separate file and displays that file in the actual page using an iframe, which conflicts with our cart buttons' proper operation. If you are using a site-builder interface other than iWeb (which does not seem to offer the following), see if there is some option for you to edit the raw HTML source code of the page directly (sometimes called "Raw HTML" or "Expert HTML" mode, or suchlike).

After you use iWeb (or other software with this problem) to do the "heavy lifting" of overall page layout and design, you may need to save the page without buttons and then use a separate text editing program (such as the free TextWrangler for Mac) to open the finished page as raw code, so you can paste in your button codes in that way. See this help page for some tips to help you find the right place to paste your button codes within the overall HTML source code.