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Sorry, this transaction can not be renewed any more, or Transaction ID Not Found

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If you see this message after trying to reactivate links for a transaction, it means one of the following:

  • An item in the buyer's original order no longer exists as a product in your E-junkie Dashboard;
  • An item in the buyer's original order was a Stamped PDF, and the order was placed over a year ago (we only retain a copy of Stamped PDF downloads for a year after the buyer's original purcahse);
  • You have already reactivated links for that transaction 5 times, which is the maximum our system allows.

In any of these cases, you can manually issue the buyer a replacement link using Send free download link under the Manage Buyers section of your E-junkie Dashboard. For products that have PDF Stamping set up, these free links will issue a Stamped copy of the current file uploaded to the product.