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Buyers are not getting a download link in their email

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If you do see the order listed in your E-junkie Transaction Log, that confirms we did process the sale, so if the buyer did not find their thank-you email with a link to their thank-you (download) page:

  • First, ask the buyer to check their spam folder and mark the message as Not Spam if they find it there;
  • Check your product's settings to confirm it's actually configured to issue a download link and send the buyer a thank-you email containing a link to their download page:
    • Products which have any digital-delivery feature enabled (Single File Download, Redirection URL, or Send Stored/Generated Codes) will automatically send a Product Thank-you Email by default, providing any code(s) purchased and/or a link to your E-junkie-generated thank-you/download page for that specific product; however, products using our bundling feature will only send this email if any of the products selected for the bundle have a Download or Redirection enabled;
    • If the product's settings have Don't include default greeting and link/code checked, this suppresses our standard message and link presentation, so make sure you include the [%download_link%] tag somewhere in your custom Email Message template, or you can just leave the Don't include... option unchecked, in which case your Email Message would be added after our standard message and link presentation;
    • If the product's settings have Product Thank-you Email unchecked, this disables the product-specific message—if you have done this deliberately, verify your Common Thank-you Email (under Manage Seller Account > Edit Preferences) includes the [%thankyou_link%] tag, which inserts a link to the buyer's thank-you (download) page for the full order.
  • If you have specified a Common Thank-you Page URL (under Manage Seller Account > Edit Preferences), buyers would be redirected there after checkout instead of to your E-junkie-generated thank-you/download page, and the [%thankyou_link%] tag in your Common Thank-you Email would also redirect to your site's Common Thank-you Page URL as well. In this case, we recommend leaving the Product Thank-you Email enabled, which will provide a link to the E-junkie-generated thank-you/download page for that specific product, bypassing your site's Common Thank-you Page URL.

Bear in mind that, once the receiving mailserver accepts a thank-you email from us, ultimate delivery to the recipient's actual inbox is beyond our control or scrutiny. You can always use Seller Admin > Manage Buyers > Send free download link to issue a replacement link to the buyer; in this case, you may want to obtain an alternate email address from the buyer, which would bypass whatever factors may have impeded delivery of their original message.

Aggressive spam filtering or other filter settings in the recipient's email account could block the message or file it in an unexpected folder, and many popular web-based email services often have delivery delays, sometimes of up to an hour or more. We recommend keeping your thank-you emails as brief and to-the-point as possible, avoiding promotional language and excessive extra links that would tend to increase your emails' chances of getting falsely flagged as spam.

Some recipients may also have a "whitelist" filter on inbound email, which blocks messages from unrecognized senders not already saved to their contact list/address book, sent mail, and/or other preapproved senders list.  Sometimes these send an autoresponder back to the sender, with instructions to self-approve your email; however, depending on how they identify the sender, such autoresponders may not make it back to you, since our server actually sent the message on your behalf rather than your having sent it personally.