Your E-junkie Transaction Log

All of the order data we receive for you is permanently stored in your E-junkie Transaction Log for your reference.

This log is only intended as an order history and should not be used for financial tracking or accounting purposes, as all of the information we can show there is "secondhand", reflecting whatever the payment processor (e.g. PayPal) reported to us. If you have concerns about any actual funds paid, reversed, or refunded, you should rely on your payment processor account records (e.g. PayPal History) to get that data straight from the source, use that history as your primary financial/accounting reference for online sales, and consult the payment processor's help pages or support staff with any further questions you may have about anything you find there.

Viewing your log

You can access this by going to Seller Admin > View/Download Logs > Transaction Log. For each transaction, the first row (grey-shaded) provides general details for the transaction as a whole, then below that a separate row for each item in the order provides details for that item, and these item sub-rows have their own column headers. You can also click any transaction in the log to highlight that row temporarily.

Whenever you view this log, it initially shows all orders within the past 30 days. You can also select a custom date range, specific product, and/or specific affiliate and click View Log to see order data fitting the selected criteria. Please choose your custom query criteria to be as narrow/specific as possible -- e.g., don't query the log for the maximum possible date range when you know you're really only interested in transactions from a narrower time frame; the more transaction results your query needs to return, the longer it will take, which could bog down the log server for everyone else until your query concludes.

Every log view includes a summary calculating the number of transactions, number of items sold, and total sale amount, folliowed by itemized details for each order. You can also test the download link(s) issued to a specific buyer. Just click the Transaction ID for any order in the log, or the Item Name of any digital item in that order. That will bring up the thank-you page we generated for that buyer, where you can test their download links. Note that your own test would count against the number of download Attempts you permit on that link.

Downloading your log

After you click View Log to apply your chosen log query criteria, you can then export that log view by clicking the Download Log button, which will save a file to your computer that you can unzip and then open in any spreadsheet program (e.g., Excel, iWork Numbers, LibreOffice Calc, Gnumeric, Google Drive spreadsheet, etc.).

Free downloads log

You also have a separate log for any free download links you issue manually from Seller Admin using either Updates or Send Free Download Link. You can access this log via Seller Admin > View/Download Logs > Free Downloads Log. Free links issued via our Free Checkout feature would still appear in your main Transaction Log (not in the Free Downloads Log).

Data fields logged

The Web-based Transaction Log view is intended as a human-readable format for your easy reference, which differs from the downloadable log-export file format we provide in a machine-readable format suitable for spreadsheet programs and other software tools. As such, the fields we provide differ slightly between Web-based log views vs. downloaded log files:

View Log Download Log
Payment Date (MST) Payment Date (MST)
Processed by E-j (MST) Processed by E-j (MST)
Transaction ID Transaction ID
Payment Processor Payment Processor
E-j Internal Txn ID E-j Internal Txn ID
Payment Status Payment Status
First Name First Name
Last Name Last Name
Payer E-mail Payer E-mail
Billing Info Billing Info
  Payer Phone
  Card Last 4
  Card Type
  Payer IP
Passed Custom Param. Passed Custom Param.
Discount Codes Discount Codes
Invoice Invoice
Shipping Info Shipping Info
Shipping Method  
  Shipping Phone
Shipping Shipping
Tax Tax
eBay Auction Buyer ID eBay Auction Buyer ID
Affiliate E-mail Affiliate E-mail
  Affiliate Name
  Affiliate ID
Affiliate Link Type  
Currency Currency
Item Name Item Name
Variations/Variants Variations/Variants
Item Number Item Number
Quantity Quantity
Amount Amount
Affiliate Share (per item) Affiliate Share (per item)
Download Info Download Info
Key/Code (if any) Key/Code (if any)
eBay Auction ID eBay Auction ID
  Payment Acct Country
  Digitals Country
  Digitals VAT
  Tangibles Country
  Tangibles VAT
  Item VAT Rate
  Item VAT Country
  Item VAT Type

For an explanation of VAT-related fields, please see our help page on Sales Tax & VAT Settings.