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eBay orders are not being processed

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NOTICE: Recently the eBay API we integrate with has stopped reporting many sales purchased after 9pm PST (GMT-8) until midnight later that night (i.e., from 5-8am GMT). As such, we are unable to process affected orders until eBay makes them discoverable to us at midnight, as we have no other way of knowing the sale occurred until then. We have reported the issue to eBay but at present do not know if this is just a technical glitch they need to clear up at their end or an intentional policy decision on their part.

If you see the order listed in your E-junkie Dashboard under View Order History > Transaction Log, that confirms we did process the sale, so if the buyer did not find their thank-you email with a link to their thank-you (download) page:

Title-Name Mismatch

Failure to process an eBay order is almost always caused by a mismatch between the auction Title you have entered in your eBay listing vs. the Item Name you have configured for the product in E-junkie Dashboard. Sometimes you may not notice any difference because you have put double-spaces between words or a space at the end in your eBay listing Title, or sometimes the style of "quote" characters may have been changed.

To avoid that issue, use your computer's copy-paste function to copy the product name from your E-junkie Dashboard and paste that into the Title of your eBay auction listing—or vice-versa, copy the Title from the text box where you type it in when creating your eBay listing and paste that into your product name in E-junkie.

Do not copy the auction Title from a live eBay listing page to paste into E-junkie Dashboard, as for technical reasons the Title displayed on eBay pages may differ slightly from what you typed.

Payment Hold

If eBay or PayPal detects anything potentially fishy about a buyer's payment, they may place the payment on hold pending closer review, or some payments may just take a while to fully process. The purchase should not show as completed in eBay until it clears or passes review; once that happens, eBay will make the completed purchase discoverable to us, so we can then process the order accordingly.

Changed API Key

Sometimes we have seen eBay change their API key for a given seller account; we require an accurate API key to look up the recent sales for your eBay account. There's no way to tell if your key has changed, but you can simply go through our eBay integration steps again to update the API key we have for your eBay account. If that was the problem, any orders we'd missed from the prior 9 hours should be processed within the next 5 minutes. If our system still doesn't process the sale, there's probably still some sort of obscure mismatch between the eBay auction Title and your product's Item Name in E-junkie, as discussed above; please contact us with the affected eBay Item Number, and we'll be glad to examine things closer for you.