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eBay orders are not being processed

This issue is usually caused by a mismatch between the auction title you have entered in your eBay listing vs. the name you have configured for the product in E-junkie Seller Admin. Sometimes you may not notice any difference because you have put double-spaces between words or a space at the end in your eBay listing, or sometimes the style of "quote" characters may have been changed.

To avoid this issue, use your computer's copy-paste function to copy the product name from your E-junkie Seller Admin and paste that into the title of your eBay auction listing, or vice-versa, copy the title from the text box where you type it in when creating your eBay listing and paste that into your product name in E-junkie. DO NOT copy the auction title from a live eBay listing page to paste into E-junkie Admin, as the title eBay actually displays may differ slightly from what you typed.

If you're sure the auction title exactly matches the product name, then confirm the following:

  • Currency of the product in E-junkie Seller Admin is the same as the currency of the product in your eBay listing;
  • PayPal Email where you are accepting payments for your eBay listing matches the PayPal Email you have entered in Seller Admin > Manage Seller Account > Edit Profile;
  • IPN settings we require for eBay sales have been set up in the same PayPal account as you have entered in Seller Admin > Manage Seller Account > Edit Profile;
  • If the Title of your eBay listing(s) use any symbols, emoji, or other non-Western language characters, also set your PayPal account to use UTF-8 language encoding as we explain here;
  • See if PayPal has transmitted an IPN (Instant Payment Notification) to our server confirming completed payments yet -- see Step C here for instructions;
  • If you do see the order listed in your Seller Admin > View/Download Logs > Transaction Log, that indicates we did process the sale, so if the buyer did not find their thank-you email with a link to their thank-you (download) page: