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This issue is usually caused by a mismatch between the auction title you have entered in your eBay listing vs. the name you have configured for the product in E-junkie Seller Admin. Sometimes you may not notice any difference because you have put double-spaces between words or a space at the end in your eBay listing, or sometimes the style of "quote" characters may have been changed.

To avoid this issue, use your computer's copy-paste function to copy the product name from your E-junkie Seller Admin and paste that into the title of your eBay auction listing, or vice-versa, copy the title from the text box where you type it in when creating your eBay listing and paste that into your product name in E-junkie. DO NOT copy the auction title from a live eBay listing page to paste into E-junkie Admin, as the title eBay actually displays may differ slightly from what you typed.

If you're sure the auction title exactly matches the product name, then confirm the following:

  • Currency of the product in E-junkie admin is the same as the currency of the product in your eBay listing;
  • PayPal Email where you are accepting payments for your eBay listing matches the PayPal email you have entered in E-junkie Seller Admin > Edit Profile screen;
  • IPN settings we require for eBay sales have been set up in the same PayPal account as you have entered in E-junkie Seller Admin > Edit Profile screen.
  • See if PayPal has transmitted an IPN (Instant Payment Notification) to our server confirming completed payments yet:
    • You can check this in your PayPal account by going to My Account > History > IPN History;
    • PayPal may allow you to resend the IPN from there;
    • If your IPN History shows in the Status column that your IPNs were Disabled for affected transactions, your PayPal account may be disabled for some reason; contact PayPal support for further clarification.
  • If you do see the order listed in your Seller Admin > View/Download Transaction Log, that indicates we did process the sale, so if the buyer did not find their thank-you email with a link to their thank-you (download) page:
    • Ask the buyer to check their spam folder and mark the message as Not Spam if they find it there;
    • If they still cannot find their thank-you email, check the affected product's settings to make sure you don't have Enable Templated Email checked with nothing in the Email Message field above that, or if you have done that deliberately to disable the product-based Thank-you Email, verify your Common Thank-you Email (in Seller Admin > Account Preferences) includes the [%thankyou_link%] variable, which inserts a link to the thank-you (download) page for the full order.
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