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I cannot find my merchant or affiliate program listed in the Select Merchant menu.

Normally when you click a merchant's affiliate sign-up link and register for a new E-junkie login account (or log into your existing E-junkie account), that should automatically enroll your account in that merchant's affiliate program, so you'd see the merchant listed in your Select Merchant menu; however, sometimes this auto-enrollment doesn't happen for a variety of reasons, usually due to your browser cookie settings.

If you joined an affiliate program but cannot find that merchant listed in the Your Affiliate Programs menu of your Affiliate Admin, you don't need to search for them among all our affiliate programs. You just need to log into the E-junkie account you already registered, stay logged in, and find the merchant's sign-up link and click that again (the same link you clicked to join their program in the first place).

Finally, bear in mind that if a merchant has removed you from their affiliate program, you would be banned from rejoining their program. The merchant can reinstate you manually at their discretion; just contact them with your E-junkie Affiliate ID # to request reinstatement.