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Received a notification: Bad PayPal Email

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If you received an email notification from E-junkie with the Subject: Bad PayPal Email and this message body:
This is a notification that you have not provided a valid PayPal e-mail in your E-junkie account and buyers are unable to purchase your products via PayPal.

That notification is generated from our loading page waiting for PayPal checkout to respond after a buyer clicks an E-junkie Buy Now button/link for PayPal checkout, if the seller's E-junkie Profile does not have a valid PayPal Email entered. You may have pasted that button/link into your sales page or elsewhere before you entered a PayPal Email in your E-junkie profile.

You can fix this in your E-junkie Dashboard under Manage Seller Account > Edit Profile, where you can enter your PayPal Email. Note that should be the email address you use to log into the PayPal account where you want to receive payments, or you could use a secondary email you've added to that PayPal account and Confirmed with PayPal.

If you do not use PayPal, you will need to replace the affected Buy Now button/link code with fresh Buy Now code configured to use another checkout method that you do use. On the Get Purchase Buttons/Links screen in your E-junkie Dashboard, take care to select the checkout method that Buy Now button/link should use before you copy the button/link codes there. The Credit Card checkout method there would use whichever card payment gateway (e.g., Stripe/Braintree/Authorize.Net/etc.) you have set up in your E-junkie Profile.